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    It is time to catch marlin at Struisbaai! by Stefano Schoonees (2/16/2012)
    [Struisbaai] During the past 4 days a total of 56 marlin were caught by boats from Struisbaai harbour
    Kids and yellowtail by Stefano Schoonees (12/26/2011)
    [Struisbaai] With plenty of young yellowtail at Blougansie it was an ideal time to give the young ones a chance to hone their angling skills and experience the power of these tenacious fighters.
    Struisbaai Yellowtail by Stefano Schoonees (2/09/2010)
    [Struisbaai] Groaning, sweating, dancing, cursing all along the gunwales! This was what we came here for!
    Marlin and Yellowtail by Stefano Schoonees (1/26/2010)
    [Struisbaai] 2 Marlin hooked and one landed in between big Cape Yellowtail
    Dorado and Yellowtail by Stefano Schoonees (12/29/2009)
    [Struisbaai] We trolled for about 15 minutes in the direction of the birds milling about, and the next minute the water around the boat was alive with colour as a school of Dorado and Yellowtail suddenly appeared all around us.
    Take the kids fishing by Stefano Schoonees (12/29/2009)
    [Struisbaai] We had a short 3 hour trip booked with 6 youngsters ranging from 4-10 and their 3 dads in attendance on Awesome Too and decided to take them to a nice fishing spot past the wreck of the Oriental Pioneer for some fishing
    Skipskop produces yet again by Stefano Schoonees (12/29/2009)
    [Struisbaai] We had a flying start to the fishing at Skipskop on Sunday when both the Awesome boats left Struisbaai harbour early the morning on a fast run on flat seas to the fishing grounds at Skipskop.
    Mixed bag of Fish by Stefano Schoonees (12/23/2009)
    [Struisbaai] The last two trips by Awesome Charters to the deeper reefs behind the 12 Mile Bank turned out to be very successful and we boated a lot of fish.
    Fishing In Not So Perfect Weather by Stefano Schoonees (12/03/2009)
    [Struisbaai] A group of anglers from Cape Town went fishing on Monday in not so perfect weather, but ended up with a great mixed bag of fish.
    Bottom Fishing for Red Fish by Stefano Schoonees (8/31/2009)
    [Struisbaai] A lovely winters day with a flat sea and almost no wind and we were off fishing for Red Romans and Red Stumpnose at Agulhas
    Lovely Bottom Fishing Struisbaai shallow waters by Stefano Schoonees (8/19/2009)
    [Struisbaai] On Saturday a few intrepid anglers set out from Struisbaai harbour aboard Awesome Charters looking for some bottom fish and hopefully a few cob.