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We had a short 3 hour trip booked with 6 youngsters ranging from 4-10 and their 3 dads in attendance on Awesome Too and decided to take them to a nice fishing spot past the wreck of the Oriental Pioneer for some fishing.

The kids enjoyed the run to the fishing spots with yells of laughter every time we went over the swells. Their faces were all filled with joy at the experience, and it was agreed that no fun fair rides could compete with this experience of a boat racing across the sea (even at a sedate 30 kph)

The light tackle was brought out, the kids divided into 3 groups, and with the able assistance of the skipper, 2 gillies and 3 dads, we had them baited up and ready to fish. They were eager to learn, and very soon most of them were handling their rods and reels like pros.

Every time one of them managed to land a fish the others had to have a look as well, and the score was updated. It was great fun for all of them, and when we changed the fishing tackle to 2 hook sabiki rigs it was wonderful to see the enjoyment as the started to pull up 2 fish at a time.

After 2 hours of fun, and with the wind starting to come up a decision was made to head for home. We stopped at the wreck of the Oriental Pioneer to show the kids what it looked like and then went straight back to the harbour. I know that there was going to be fresh fish on the table at 3 households that evening as the kids all insisted that their fish MUST be eaten that evening - lovely white stumpnose and even a wildeperd was on the menu.

Seeing the kids enjoy themselves so much is a reminder to us all that fishing is a sport that can, and should be, enjoyed by everyone, no matter their age.

Fish Species: White Stumpnose, Dassie
Bait Used: Sabiki Rigs, Chokka
Tackle Used: Light
Method Used: Bottom Rigs
Water Depth: 15 m
Water Temperature: 19 degree C
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 8 knots
A youngster anticipating the catch
A youngster anticipating the catch

A lovely Dassie (Wildeperd)
A lovely Dassie (Wildeperd)

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Stefano Schoonees

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