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We set of on a 10 mile trip to the reefs behind the Agulhas lighthouse in search for some fresh fish. The weather the past few days did not play along and we were stuck in the harbour, but a glorious winters morning with no wind at all greeted us on Sunday.

Our first stop was the deeper waters (30 - 50 fathoms) about 5 miles due south of Agulhas. Clear blue water greeted us, but the only fish on the bite were small Silvers and a few peckers.

We moved from spot to spot, drift fishing over the reefs. With almost no wind and no current this was the ideal way to fish a wider area. We were not only looking for the bottom fish but also for the small schools of cob that favours this area.

After 4 hours of fishing we had a few nice sized Red Romans in the boat but the trip could not be deemed successful unless we also land some much sought after Red Stumpnose, so off we went again, this time moving much closer inshore.

During the last 2 hours of the trip we hit paydirt and between the 5 anglers on board landed 9 Red Stumpnose, the heaviest a lovely fish of 3.5 kg.

We were back at the harbour, boat safely on the trailer, at 3 pm and supper (for me at least) was a red stump salad and freshly baked bread.

Fish Species: Red Roman, Red Stumpnose
Bait Used: Chokka / Sardine and Octopus
Tackle Used: Light
Method Used: Bottom Rigs
Water Depth: 30 Fathoms
Water Temperature: 15.7 C
Wind Direction: W
Wind Speed: 5 knts
The skipper with a Roman of 2.3kg
The skipper with a Roman of 2.3kg

Miss Lucy (Red Stump) of 1.8 kg
Miss Lucy (Red Stump) of 1.8 kg

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Stefano Schoonees

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