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On Saturday a few intrepid anglers set out from Struisbaai harbour aboard Awesome Charters looking for some bottom fish and hopefully a few cob.

After the heavy winds and rain the past few days the sea has returned to being calm and pretty soon we had our lines in the water at the first spot. It did not take too long for the first Red stumpnose to be boated and a very happy angler smiled at this catch, his first ever Miss Lucy.

A few peckers kept on taking the bait off but we persisted and this paid off as another few fish were landed before things became very quiet. The anchor was lifted and we were off to another spot in search for more fish.

At our next stop we were very fortunate indeed as the anglers aboard Awesome Charters landed another Red Stumpnose and two very lovely Red Romans as well as a small Bronze Whaler.

A lovely big Blue Hottentot (bloukop) soon followed before things quieted down again and we were off searching for another angling spot. The beautiful flat sea and windless day made for a great day on the water and we all enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

A big Red Stump of 3kg was followed by another baby Bronzie and a Santer (Soldier) of around 1.5 kg as well as a few smaller fish which were all returned unharmed to the water. The shy sharkies started to make an appearance and a few of these nuisances were caught and released before we anchored at our final spot.

As we decided to stay here for at least an hour before heading home a chum line was made and pretty soon the fish was back on the bite. Another Red Roman, a Red Stumpnose and a few assorted other fish were brought aboard. All the small fish were safely released to grow bigger - conservation is important if we want to sustain our oceans.

Excpet for the odd Barbel and Spiny Dogfish we also managed another Bronzie and a lovely Smooth Hound which put up quite a nice fight on the light tackle.

All the anglers enjoyed their day on the water and assured us they will be back shortly - this time looking for the famed Yellowtail and big Cape Salmon that roam these waters.

Fish Species: Red Stumpnose, Red Roman, Blue Hottentot, Bronze Whalers
Bait Used: Chokka / Sardine
Tackle Used: 9kg and 12kg
Method Used: Bottom Baiting
Water Depth: 15-25 m
Water Temperature: 17 Deg C
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 10 knts
Nice 3kg Red Stumpnose
Nice 3kg Red Stumpnose

Big Blue Hottentot
Big Blue Hottentot

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Stefano Schoonees

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