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Kosi Bay trip October 2013by Mike Laubscher (11/03/2013)
Heavy rain and Howling winds made this a very difficult trip, we did get fish but very few for the 1000's of casts made
Manta Rays, Hump Back Whales and Hard Fishingby Mike Laubscher (10/24/2010)
The fishing was hard, but we did get some fish, nature gave us an awesome display.
Kosi Lakes Fishing Adventure 13-15/02/2010 - Day 3by Mike Laubscher (2/16/2010)
We launched at 04h00 in the hope of getting another early morning GT or 2, the water surface temperature had dropped to 26 deg. C and the was the lightest of NE winds blowing. It was not very long when we got our 1st hit and after 15 minutes of heavy fighting we landed another superb GT.
Kosi Lakes Fishing Adventure 13-15/02/2010 - Day 2by Mike Laubscher (2/16/2010)
We got up at 04h00 and were already on the water before 05h00 there was a stiff SW wind blowing and the water surface temperature was averaging 31 deg. C
Kosi Lakes Fishing Adventure 13-15/02/2010 - Day 1by Mike Laubscher (2/16/2010)
After getting all our permits etc. in order we launched the boat at about 08h30, it was a hot day of around 38 deg. C and very humid, there was a light NE wind and the water surface temperature averaged around 29.5 deg. C. The Kosi Lake system was looking good with the water levels where they should be, and the water was crystal clear.
Kosi Lakes Fishing Adventure 13-15/02/2010by Mike Laubscher (2/16/2010)
Kosi lakes is a natural estuary system on the northern borders of Kwa Zulu Natal consisting of 3 saltwater lakes and the Kosi Mouth set in a wetland reserve, and besides good fishing for a variety of estuary fish and game fish, the area is stunning, natural and unspoilt. It is one of those places you need to go to in South Africa.