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Bio: Fishing Florida for over 30 yrs FULL TIME fishing guide.Artificial and fly only.Have Personally caught over 100 species of fish on fly

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Summer Fundays (7/30/2018)
[Sebastian,FL] Tarpon and Redfish fun in Sebastian and lots of fun in Panama !
BRRRRRRRRRRR! (1/05/2018)
[Sebastian,FL] Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
Flyin By (1/04/2018)
[Sebastian,FL] Been fishing a lot of fly people of late with very good success. Reds ,Trout and Snook every day as well as lots of Ladyfish ,Blues and Jacks. Skipping some Pomps and expect that to improve. This Morning it was 32 here and I am off till Sunday. See you on the water!
Winters approach (12/07/2017)
[Sebastian,FL] As we wait for the winter cold the trout have been lit up.
Here Comes the Heat (6/19/2015)
[Indian River,FL] As the weather heats up the Snook and many other fish begun to move around. The Ocean becomes calm and opportunities abound.
January of Snook (1/28/2015)
[Sebastian,FL] Over the last 28 days I have seen Snook fishing unlike any other January of all my years of guiding !
Rollin with the good tiomes (11/25/2014)
[Sebastian,FL] Plenty of action here in Sebastian this fall and looking forward to a great season again.
Cartwheeling Snook (10/02/2014)
[Indian River,FL] Fishing is on the uptick here and should continue to improve through the next 4-8 weeks.
Hot and Hot and biting fish (9/08/2014)
[Sebastian,FL] A typical hot summer and waiting on the mullet run and great things
Summer Doings (9/08/2014)
[Indian River,FL] While the weather is hot the fishing has been pretty darn good. Snook and reds have been prevalent in the Sebastian area.
Summer Snookin' (7/02/2014)
[Sebastian,FL] Return of summer and action shall follow and life is good. Bonita joining the fray.
Winter Wonders (2/06/2014)
[Sebastian,FL] Graet Action in the start of February with long time customers.
100 fish Days (3/20/2013)
[Sebastian,FL] We are at the first day of spring and almost everyday we are catching 100 or so fish of about 11 different species.
Warm air Great fishing (1/19/2013)
[Sebastian,FL] The fishing has been great for Tarpon and Snook as well as a bunch of Trout a smattering of Redfish and Pompano as well as all the Jacks and Ladyfish a person could want !
January slams (1/19/2013)
[Sebastian,FL] Its been Great ! Come on down ! Tarpon Snook Reds Pompano
Red Time Again (7/10/2012)
[Sebastian,FL] The big Reds are in the inlet and eating crabs like they should !
Super Size These Flats (4/18/2012)
[Sebastian,FL] Its April and the lack of seagrass has not affected our fishing too much here.
Happy New Year (1/03/2012)
[Sebastian,FL] We have begun to transition from fall to winter and where we fish and types of fish we target will change up a little bit.
Best Weather in the Country (12/06/2011)
[Sebastian,FL] Over the past couple of weeks we have seen our initial cold fronts blow in and out with 20+ Knot winds fish turning on and off almost daily.
Snook,Tarpon and Trout oh my! Plus some others (8/24/2011)
[Sebastian,FL] Over the last 2 weeks we have seen a bunch of 5-20# Tarpon in the Sebastian river as well as many Snook of all sizes around docks and other structure.
July Fireworks (7/20/2011)
[Sebastian,FL] The past few weeks have been a mix of big fish and some tough times.
Marching In (3/23/2011)
[Sebastian,FL] 50 plus fish every day and a host of fun to be had
Warmin' Up (2/20/2011)
[Sebastian,FL] Good action for all and for all good action !
Sebastian Winter Doings (2/08/2011)
[Sebastian,FL] Over the last month we have seen very cold and very warm winter Temps and the fish are really starting to like the season.
Everyone Knows its Windy (9/23/2010)
[Sebastian,FL] Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a lot of wind and dirty water conditions on all the flats. The Mullett run is on and jacks are smacking them pretty hard in the inlet.
Spring has Sprung (5/08/2010)
[Sebastian,FL] Well the long hard winter is over and the water temps are rebounding nicely.Lets hope the Snook and other species can hold on and the losses were minimal.
The Comeback - Effects Of Cold Front On The Indian River Lagoon (1/24/2010)
[Sebastian,FL] This is a followup to the last report on the effects of the cold front.
Gimme a Break (1/14/2010)
[Sebastian,FL] During the last 2 weeks it has been cold and the the eco-system is struggling.
90 Degee Plus Heat No Problem (8/15/2009)
[Sebastian,FL] In the heat of summer excellent fishing still exists throughout this area any time of the day or night .
Summer Fishing Inside Lagoon and Ocean (7/18/2009)
[Sebastian,FL] This is the time of the year for calm seas and good action both inside the Lagoon and out in the Ocean.
Lets heat it up ! (4/26/2009)
[Sebastian,FL] The Temps are climbing towards 90 and the water is up in the low to mid 70's and The Big Snook and the tarpon have begun to bite in the St Sebastian river.
Winter Doings (12/22/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] The weather is all over the place and so is the action. Wind and cold bother the fisherman more than the fish !
Pompano on the flats (11/25/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Its that time of the year again and the Pompano are showing up in decent numbers plus a mess of Blues amd Ladys and a whole host of other species!
Mullet Run (9/30/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] The Mullet are here both lg and finger and the showers of bait are showing us all the way in the lagoon.
Tween the Storms (8/30/2008)
[Indian River,FL] The past week has offered some challenges as the water is badly stained from the 22+ inches of rain from Fay.
20 Inces Of Rain (8/22/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Well this has been a week of Tropical weather but prior to it the bite was good.
1 1/2 Tarpon (8/08/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] The last few days have been tough because my boat is in the shop but with some friends help and thoughts I was able to fish through the week !
You Do Not Need...................... (7/26/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Fishing the inlet for monster Reds is fun and it is not essential to have live crabs.
Heat it up (7/21/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] This is the time of the year when you can keep the line tight anytime you want. Lots of options and just a great time to live in Florida !
Summer Happenings (7/11/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Well the 4th has come and gone and we now settle in to the heat and grind of our summer fishing !
Big Reds On The Rise (6/19/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Here the big Reds are again. We live for this in the summer.
Big Reds On The Rise (6/05/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] The 25+ Reds are slurping crabs and the ocean is lit up
Coming alive in May (5/22/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] The Sebastian river is starting to produce consistently and the Ocean is alive !
Here We Go (5/08/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] This is the week where I see all heck bustin loose and the phone is silent.
Lets Transition (4/25/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Although we began to see signs of increased activity the wind has kept the action a little inconsistent.
Sebastian River Spring Slam (4/14/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Final Trip of the season for George was a pretty good one.
Lots More Water (4/11/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] With the influx of water due to a north wind and 4 " of rain we found the bite to change,
Winds go on and so must we ! (4/04/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] A week of wind and some pretty good results !
Marching in Like a Lion (3/18/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] Lots of big wind and Low water but still a fair amount of bites for the patient angler.
Lets get Tight (3/08/2008)
[Sebastian,FL] On March 7th I spent a day on the water with my good friend and customer Alan Julier.Our main goal was to get the fly rod tight with action and we succeeded at that.
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