Fishing Reports by Captain Rick Bennett

About The Author:

Company: Rod-Man Charters

Area Reporting: Willmington NC

Bio: Captain Rick Bennett, owner and operator of Rod-Man Fishing Charters, takes pride in his fishing. Captain Rick provides the best equipment, including his own Rod-Man custom made fishing rods, tackle bait and ice. You need bring only the excitement, and your food and drink. A family atmosphere is maintained and children are welcome. All fishing is with light tackle so you can "fight the fish, not the tackle." Whether you are a fishing novice or seasoned angler, Captain Rick will use his extensive skills to enhance your fishing adventure. The boat is located at Wrightsville Beach, NC, at Seapath Yacht Club, a private marina and one one of the finest on the coast. You will find the experience to be first class in every way.

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Inshore Fishing Around Wrightsville Beach Heating Up (4/20/2011)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Reds and blacks are biting. Blues showing up with some good size.
Trout and more Trout (11/24/2009)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Trout fishing is firing off at Wrightsville Beach. With the mild fall we have had look for it to only get better.
Trout Bite is on at Wrightsville Beach (11/11/2009)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] With cooler water temps and loads of bait the trout have turned on. Look for an even better bite as the water cools a bit more.
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Good inshore fishing continues. Speckled trout are biting very well
Inshore Fishing IS Great! (12/03/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Reds and trout are biting well. Move baits slower as water cools.
Trout and Blues Bite Big (11/05/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Big blues and trout are biting. Bonito and false albacore are going to be here any day.
Fall Fishing is in Full Swing (10/22/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall fishing is hot and look for it to get hotter. Specks, reds and flounder inshore.
Strong Low Pressure Hampers Fishing (9/25/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Weather is putting a hurt on fishing right now. When the weather clears, look for fall fishing to be in full swing.
Pre and Post TS Hanna (9/10/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Summer fishing has been very good and as fall approaches it should get only better. Look for inshore action to get hot!
Bonito and Blues Biting Hard off Wrightsville and Carolina Beach (8/27/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Reds and spanish and flounder biting well. Fall action just around the corner.
Hot Fishing in Hot Weather (7/30/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] When the weather gets hot fish early or late and fish deeper.
Swell Fishing and The Flounder and Reds Are Biting (7/17/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Big swells have hampered off the beach fishing, but inshore fishing is doing well.
Good Summer Fishing Inshore and Off the Beach (7/10/2008)
[Wilmington,NC] Fishing is good to very good depending on the action of the various fronts coming thru the region.
Wrightsville Baech Fishing is HOT (6/25/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Everything is biting hard. The weather is Hoot and so are the fish.
Spanish are Biting Just Off Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches (6/03/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The spanish mackerel bite is the best in years.
Rod-Man Report March 12, 2008 (3/12/2008)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Spring is just around the corner and....
Late fall fishing is hot. Trout are the best bite. Big blues hitting too. (12/13/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Late fall fishing is hot. Trout are the best bite. Big blues hitting too.
Nice Inshore Fishing (9/25/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Winds have been higher than we like but we have still been able to catch some nice inshore fishes.
Serious Fall Fishing Has Begun (9/05/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Labor Day has passed. Serious fall fishing has begun. It will only get better from here.
Good In Some Areas (7/12/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fishing this season has been unusual. It has been good in some areas and bad in others read below to here more.
Flounder Fishing Is Taking Off Slowly (6/13/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Flounder are taking off slowly this year. The redfish bite is on fire.
Rod-Man Report May 23, 2007 (5/23/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The fishing is back after the blow. Reds, flounder, cobia, spanish, kings and more. It's time to fish!
Stormy Seas Slow Down Fishing Trips (5/10/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Stormy seas have prevented much fishing, but prior to the storm fish were biting well.
Atlantic Bonito Have Shown Up (4/26/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] The Atlantic bonito have shown up in numbers near shore. Reds are biting inshore.
Nice Fish Despite The Weather (4/19/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Ugly weather , but nice drum, bluefish, reds...more.
Blues, Black Drum, And More Fishing Report (4/12/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Spring fishing is picking up! Blues, black drum and more.
Spring Fishing Inshore Wrightsville Beach (4/05/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Spring action is beginning to take hold. Some redfish and black drum are biting dead shrimp in the waterway and creeks. A few trout are biting artificials and live shrimp at the jetties and up the creeks. A rare small flounder might hit anything, but the big boys have not come in yet. Look for redfish and black drum action to pick very soon.
Mid Winter Fishing Inshore Wrightsville Beach (2/14/2007)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] It's mid-winter and spring is just around the corner. As to be expected, fishing is a bit slow right now. Some stripers are being caught in the Cape Fear River. Dogfish and black sea bass are biting on the nearshore reefs. Grouper are biting in the 20-40 mile range.
Big Trout Biting Well (12/14/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fish are still last report this year. The Rod-Man is out of the water until next season. We are adding a trolling motor to the boat and some other neat "customizations" I know you will enjoy. Even though I have been "out of the water", I have been keeping up with what's happening on the fishing scene.
Inshore Reds and Trout Fishing NC (11/22/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fishing has been awesome before the storm of the last two days. Hopefully things will be back to normal sooner than later. The reds and trout have been biting the bottom of the boat out. The jetties, the docks, the creeks, the inlets, the marsh banks, all have been holding fish. We have been catching fish on GULP SW, live shrimp, dead mullet.
Redfish and Flounder Inshore Fishing NC (11/16/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Inshore fishing is as good as it gets. Reds and trout are biting and some nice flounder too.
Inshore Wrightsville Beach Flounder, Reds, Trout Fishing (11/02/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall fishing is hot. Everything is biting. Just like they do every year, big schools of red drum are patrolling the beaches. You can catch them with just about any bait, artificial or natural. Gray trout and some flounder are on the inshore artificial and natural reefs. Bluefish are biting around the inlets, particularly on high tide.
Fall Fishing Wrightsville Beach Report (10/12/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fall fishing is hot! And with the coming cool snap will get hotter!!! Red drum, puppy drum, redfish, you pick the name, they are biting. You can find them in the inlets, the waterway, and the creeks. Finger mullet fished on a carolina rig is working best. Flounder are biting in the inlets and some real nice ones are being caught. A few specks have shown up and look for that to improve very quickly.
Fishing After Hurricane Ernesto (9/14/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] A lot of rain from Ernesto has dirtied the waters. Fish are still biting but you have to look harder for them. Look for better fishing as the water settles down.
Fishing Wrightsville Beach Is Good (8/23/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fishing is very good right now. Inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing are providing many different species to catch. From flounder to mahi, the fish are biting.
Kingfish and Mahi Fishing In NC (7/24/2006)
[Wrightsville Beach,NC] Fishing in the heat has been pretty darn rewarding. We have had catches of several kings and a couple of mahi, plenty of red drum, and some nice spanish this week. We even saw a sailfish free jump...beautiful.