Fishing Reports by Captain Ron Westrate

About The Author: Captain

Company: CoHooker Charter Fishing Service

Area Reporting: Lake Michigan, Port of Saugatuck

Bio: CoHooker Charter Fishing Service is operated by a father and son team and has been in business for 33 years out of the Port of Saugatuck. We operate a 29 foot Luhrs Tournamenet that is insured licensed and fully equipped with the latest in electronics and fishing gear. We serve as prostaff for Scotty downriggers, Pro Troll Falshers, G flies and Raider lures.

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Warm Water Produces Some Nice Salmon In Saugatuck (9/07/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] 70 degree water from the surface down to 60 foot still produces some nice salmon in that warm water.
High winds changes fishing in Saugatuck (8/24/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] Just as a themocline was beginning to set up, we got 2 days of 30 MPH winds and warm water was blown in.
Limit catches most days in Saugatuck (8/16/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] This past week we saw limit catches nearly ever day of the week with salmon pushing 20 pounds.
Salmon Steelhead and Lake Trout in the Creel in Saugatuck (8/02/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] Creel limits of 17 and 18 fish consisting of salmon, lake trout and steelhead were caught in Saugatuck this week.
Silver fish showing up the Saugatuck creel (7/26/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fishing is still very good in Saugatuck with limit catches of lake trout and increasing salmon and steelhead numbers.
A week of Inconsistencies. (7/12/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] The creel numbers ranged from a dozen fish to 3 fish per trip during the week.
Cold Water Brings Salmon in Close (7/05/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] With strong north winds for two days the water temperature went from 63 degrees to the high 40's and salmon moved in front the piers.
12 pound Chinook Salmon showing up in Saugatuck (6/29/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] Good numbers in the creel this past week with Lake Trout and some 12 pound chinook salmon.
Lake Trout and a few Salmon in Saugatuck (6/22/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] Most of the creel this past week has been lake trout caught in 70 to 100 foot of water.
Salmon and Lake Trout in the Creel in Saugatuck (6/15/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing in 90 to 100 foot of water, lake trout are being caught on the bottom and salmon suspended 40 to 60 foot down.
Salmon showing up in deep water (6/02/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] There are two groups of fish--one in deep water and one in the water inside of 100 foot.
Fantastic Lake Trout Fishing (5/18/2015)
[Saugatuck,MI] This past week has produced limit catches for lake trout with some steelhead and salmon mixed in.
48 degree water and Chinook Salmon in Saugatuck (9/15/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] High winds and rough water has produced a drop in the water temperature and some salmon are in front the Saugatuck piers.
Warm water moves fish deeper in Saugatuck (8/25/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] During the week, the water has warmed from the high 50 degrees to the low 70's and the fish have moved to deeper water.
Salmon, Lake Trout and Steelhead in Saugatuck (8/17/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Chinook salmon, steelhead and coho salmon, makes up most of the creel numbers this past week in Saugatuck.
The Kings Are Show Up In Saugatuck (8/03/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] The creel changed during the week with more and more salmon showing up in the catch.
Cold water changes the fishing in Saugatuck (7/27/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Rough water and high winds had changed the water temperature and the fishing in Saugatuck.
Mixed creel of silver fish and lake trout in Saugatuck (7/20/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Everyday we are finding a few more steelhead and salmon in the creel, however the predominant fish is still the lake trout.
Limit Catches of Lake Trout in Saugatuck (7/13/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Limit catches of 12 to 18 lake trout were the norm this past week.
Good Holiday Week For Fishing In Saugatuck (7/06/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing for lake trout continues to be very good in 85 to 100 foot of water.
Lake Trout, Steelhead and Salmon in Saugatuck (6/29/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing has slowed, however we are still taking some nice Lake Trout and Steelhead in 100 foot of water.
Lake Trout on the bottom in Saugatuck (6/22/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] The catch of salmon has slowed, however the Lake Trout are hitting in 100 foot of water.
Cooler water moves fish shallower in Saugatuck (6/15/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Strong east winds for a couple of days have cooled the water and the fish have moved into 70 to 110 foot of water.
20 Pound Chinook Salmon in deep water in Saugatuck (6/08/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] There are some very nice Chinook Salmon and Steelhead being caught in 200+ foot of water.
Salmon and steelhead in 180 foot of water in Saugatuck (6/01/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] Some very good fishing this past week in 180 foot of water with good catches of salmon and steelhead.
Salmon, Lake Trout and Steelhead in Saugatuck (5/25/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] The salmon are showing up in the 80 foot and 200 foot depths along with lake trout and steelhead.
Cold fishing in May (5/18/2014)
[Saugatuck,MI] 40 degree water and a cold wind still produces some good fishing in Saugatuck.
Lake Trout and 2 and 3 year old salmon (9/30/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] The deeper water is producing 2 and 3 year old salmon along with some nice lake trout.
Back to deep water in Saugatuck (9/24/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] Rough water and changes in water temperature reduced the number of salmon in front the piers.
Salmon back in front the Saugatuck Piers (9/16/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] The water cooled down again and the salmon have moved back infront the Saugatuck piers.
Warm water slows pier fishing (9/09/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] Excellent fishing infront of the piers early in the week due to cold water slowed as the water warmed during the week.
Multiple 20+ pound salmon in creel at Saugatuck (9/02/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] Multiple 20 pound plus salmon are showing up in the creel out of the port of Saugatuck.
20+ pound salmon in Saugatuck (8/25/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] 100 foot of water is producing some very nice chinook salmon that are exceeding 25 pounds.
Deep water producing big salmon in Saugatuck (8/19/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] 200 foot of water has been producing very good catches of chinook salmon, coho salmon and steelhead.
Up and down week of fishing in Saugatuck (8/11/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] Coho and chinook salmon were caught in 180 foot of water today.
Rough Water but Good Fishing in Saugatuck (7/29/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fishing has picked up for salmon in the 130 to 160 foot depth.
Salmon in deep water (7/21/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] After waiting for 2 weeks for the salmon to stage in the 100 foot range, we found them in 240 foot of water.
Silver Fish Showing Up In Saugatuck (7/08/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] Although most of the fish caught are lake trout, silver fish are making up more of the creel.
Fishing picks up in Saugatuck (6/30/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] It appears that the slow fishing in June is ending and the lake is starting to stratify.
Fish the whole water column in Saugatuck (6/09/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] You can catch fish on the surface and down to 120 feet or more.
2 and 3 year old salmon in Saugatuck (6/02/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fish continue to hit in the deep water, however the creel consists of 2 and 3 year old salmon rather than 4 year olds.
Salmon move to deeper water in Saugatuck (5/27/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] This past week the salmon moved from 120 foot of water out to 180 foot of water.
Big four year old salmon being caught in Saugatuck (5/20/2013)
[Saugatuck,MI] There are salmon being caught that are pushing 20 pounds in weight, which is unusual for this time of the year.
High winds stops fishin in Saugatuck most of the week. (9/24/2012)
[Saugatuck,MI] High winds up to gale force and seas over 12 foot slowed any fishing out of Saugatuck.
Warm water delays the run in Saugatuck (9/17/2012)
[Saugatuck,MI] Water at 68 degrees and in the 60's all the way down to 75 foot has slowed the salmon run.
Ace Hi plugs for salmon in Saugatuck (9/03/2012)
[Saugatuck,MI] The salmon are staged in the 80 to 90 foot of water and are being caught with Ace Hi plugs.
Salmon on the bottom in Saugatuck (8/28/2012)
[Saugatuck,MI] Warm water have moved the salmon near the bottom just outside the bait.
Salmon moves to deeper water (8/20/2012)
[Saugatuck,MI] With the colder water, the fish have moved into either the warmer river water or the deeper lake water.
Cold water changes fishing conditions in Saugatuck (8/13/2012)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fishing had slowed this past week and then with the big blow at the end of the week the cold water changed the fishing conditions.
Another week of limit catches in Saugatuck (8/05/2012)
[St. Joseph,MI] For the 5th week in a row, we have been taking limit catches of salmon out of the Port of Saugatuck.
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