Fishing Articles by Guide Ross Hunter

[Big Game] It's getting close to that time when both our boats migrate north for three months. Pt Stephens is one of the most exciting striped marlin grounds in the world. Fish from 140 to 300 lb are caught on a regular basis on fly, light tackle and conventional tackle. Add to this blacks and blues and A grand Slam is always on the cards
Giant tiger sharks from 18 foot boats (12/26/2007)
[Big Game] It's Crocodile Dundee down under all over again. These guys go out and target these giants everty weekend and whats more pull them onboard with them. Mad yes!
Mahis and how we catch 'em in Ozz (9/17/2007)
[Saltwater Fishing] During the summer months we catch many dolphin fish in our Ozzie oceans They can be a great stand by when the marlin go quite and our clients love a good session on them and they are great to eat as well
Pt Stephens NSW One of the greatest striped marlin grounds (8/30/2007)
[Big Game] A captain's dream when Broadbill caught 21 stripes in one day. The fish averaged 180 lb and the fishing was wild
What a great season on big snapper off Sydney Australia (8/19/2007)
[Saltwater Fishing] A good yarn about two of Australia's most popular charter boats BROADBILL and BILLFISHER and their Captains Father and Son Ross and Glenn Hunter's favourite style of fishing .....Catching big snapper on light line.
Twenty one marlin in one day (8/13/2007)
[Big Game] It was one of those magic days when the fish snapped their heads off at Pt Stephens NSW.Australia...Imagine a bait school being rounded up by no less than 100 hungry marlin.
Giant tuna caught before long ling in Australia (8/09/2007)
[Saltwater Fishing] It is not all doom and gloom Down Under Our Federal Government has just allocated 220 million dollars to buy out long line licenses thus reducing our long line fleet from 120 to 15 vessels.