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Company: Ross Hunter's gamefishingcharters p/l

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Bio: Father and son Captains Ross and Glenn Hunter operate their most respected gamefishing vessels Billfisher and Broadbill out of Sydney and Pt Stephens (approx 100 nm north of Sydney)They have been professional skippers for 20 years and have pretty much caught or hold records for most gamefish caught in our waters. The species are blue, black and striped marlin, spearfish,wahoo, mahis then in winter gut busting yellowfin, bluefin and makos.Some of their achievements can be viewed on their excellent web site They specialize in marlin in the summer and yellowfin in the winter. Catches of up to 21 marlin in a day have been recorded.

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Fishing off Sydney Australia (9/28/2008)
[Sydney,NSW] In between the gale winds and big seas We have caught some great tuna on Broadbill and Billfisher
Great tuna and albies down under (12/02/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Both Broadbill and Billfisher have had great days with our clients catching albacore to 15kg and yellowfin to 40 kg
Albacore and yellowfin everywhere (11/07/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Broadbill and Billfisher have had wild action on albacore and yellowfin off Sydney Australia
276 kg bluefin (10/05/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] These giant tuna feed behind the hoake trawlers. They have been caught up to 800lb.
A great weekend on the yellowfin (9/09/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] The ozzie tuna scene is red hot..A graet caych on the weekend on Captin Ross and Glenn Hunter's boats
Australia and some wild tuna action (8/19/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] The Spring run of juvenile yellowfin tuna has arrived.
A great session on the blackfish (8/08/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Not sure wether these species are caught in the USA ... If they are I would be most interested to here back on email ...gamefishing@
Big bluefin still being caught off Sydney (8/04/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Some really spectacular fish have been caught in our waters
Big southern blues under the Southern Cross (7/31/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Giant bluefin being caught off Sydney Australia
Great week on the snapper and southern bluefin tuna to 130lb (7/30/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Big bluefin on the wide grounds and snapper in close Great fishing.
Great day on big snapper (7/24/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Captain Ross Hunter and his crew on his charter boat BROADBILL had a fabulous day catching some big Aussie snapper
Giant big eye tuna ,yellowfin and SB tuna caught off Sydney Australia (7/20/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] The australian winter tuna season is going GOLD
180 pound yellowfin on 30 lb caught off Sydney (7/06/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] It is still very windy but in between fronts the yellowfin tuna fishing is seriously good.
The yellowfin season is with us (7/01/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Windy conditions and rough seas hamper us Aussie fisherman
The tuna run is just starting off Sydney Australia (6/25/2007)
[Sydney,NSW] Wet day sloppy conditions but a good day on tuna and albacore
When saltys go to the sweetwater (6/18/2007)
[Thredbo River,NSW] A great few days were had fly fishing the magnificent Thredbo River.A total sea change for an Ozzie marlin Captain who spends 200 days on Mother Ocean a year.
Introduction To Ross Hunter's Game Fishing Charters (6/17/2007)
[Thredbo River,NSW] An Australian charter company who specialize in marlin fishing (blue, black, striped, sailfish and spearfish) yellowfin and mako sharks Father and son team Captains Ross and Glenn Hunter will report regularly from the land of OZ.