Another week of gale forced wionds have not allowed us to get out to the wide grounds to often. When we have the results have been there Last season we caught many great yellowfin and some big mako sharks. We cube(chum) most of the time often fishing up until dark. Somedays the bite did not happen until 4pm but they would then come on with a flurry and triple hook ups were common .

The fish averaged 25 kg with a few around 40 kilos the biggest for the season going 70kg.

We have had a government buy out of 220 million of long line licenses reducing our east coast fleet of commercial long liners to less than 30 from 120 vessels.This will have a major effect on our coastal population of yellowfin The fact that these fish only live for seven years and multiply reasonably quickly will see a quick regeneration of our stocks. We are expecting a good season because of the reduced commercial pressure. There is a really good isotherm sitting of us and given a break in the weather we will be out there kickin' some butt.

We target the tuna by chumming and trolling we use bibless monnows and locally made "Bloodshot" lures that are dynamite on them You can visit and go into the Bloodshot link on the home page for details of these Aussie made lures We favour the "tuna hunter". More reports next week from The Land Down under.

Fish Species: fin and albys
Bait Used: lures
Tackle Used: 24kg tiagras
Method Used: trolling
Water Depth: 400 fathoms
Water Temperature: 19.5
Wind Direction: west
Wind Speed: 20 knots
An average size Sydney yellowfin
An average size Sydney yellowfin

Some of our bigger fish Caught on Bloodshot lures
Some of our bigger fish Caught on Bloodshot lures

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