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Fishing off Sydney Australiaby Ross Hunter (9/28/2008)
In between the gale winds and big seas We have caught some great tuna on Broadbill and Billfisher
Great tuna and albies down underby Ross Hunter (12/02/2007)
Both Broadbill and Billfisher have had great days with our clients catching albacore to 15kg and yellowfin to 40 kg
Albacore and yellowfin everywhereby Ross Hunter (11/07/2007)
Broadbill and Billfisher have had wild action on albacore and yellowfin off Sydney Australia
276 kg bluefinby Ross Hunter (10/05/2007)
These giant tuna feed behind the hoake trawlers. They have been caught up to 800lb.
A great weekend on the yellowfinby Ross Hunter (9/09/2007)
The ozzie tuna scene is red hot..A graet caych on the weekend on Captin Ross and Glenn Hunter's boats
Australia and some wild tuna actionby Ross Hunter (8/19/2007)
The Spring run of juvenile yellowfin tuna has arrived.
A great session on the blackfishby Ross Hunter (8/08/2007)
Not sure wether these species are caught in the USA ... If they are I would be most interested to here back on email ...gamefishing@
Big bluefin still being caught off Sydneyby Ross Hunter (8/04/2007)
Some really spectacular fish have been caught in our waters
Big southern blues under the Southern Crossby Ross Hunter (7/31/2007)
Giant bluefin being caught off Sydney Australia
Great week on the snapper and southern bluefin tuna to 130lbby Ross Hunter (7/30/2007)
Big bluefin on the wide grounds and snapper in close Great fishing.
Great day on big snapperby Ross Hunter (7/24/2007)
Captain Ross Hunter and his crew on his charter boat BROADBILL had a fabulous day catching some big Aussie snapper
Giant big eye tuna ,yellowfin and SB tuna caught off Sydney Australiaby Ross Hunter (7/20/2007)
The australian winter tuna season is going GOLD
180 pound yellowfin on 30 lb caught off Sydneyby Ross Hunter (7/06/2007)
It is still very windy but in between fronts the yellowfin tuna fishing is seriously good.
The yellowfin season is with usby Ross Hunter (7/01/2007)
Windy conditions and rough seas hamper us Aussie fisherman
The tuna run is just starting off Sydney Australiaby Ross Hunter (6/25/2007)
Wet day sloppy conditions but a good day on tuna and albacore