What a fabulous couple of weeks we have had on Billfisher and Broadbill. It has been a decade or more since we have had consistent catches of good sized albacore but they are back and back with a vengeance,

We have been trolling them on bib less minnows and jet heads and have sent many crews home with ample stocks of these great table fish.

As well as albies there are small yellowfin mixed in with them making the day just that much more interesting.

The fish are feeding on Spring hatch of light fish and tiny squid, ascending from the ocean's floor

This happens this time of the year as the tiny hatched fish and squid group up in schools having just hatched and that's like having a free for all at the tuck shop for the schooled up albacore, yellowfin and stripeys as they feed ravenously on our tiny hatchlings.

The fish are being found north of Browns and wide of the southern Canyons

Em ilia's group on their girl's day out caught yellowfin all day and have had many a barbeque since.

The Mike Goodrich fished and along with their lovely wives Tracy and Mary had an action packed day on Broadbill catching stripeys, yellowfin and albacore.

Then Johnny Boo and the Human Winch Anthony Chaffey along with Daniel, Frank and Mark Rea all caught some big albacore on Glenn Hunter's Billfisher.

On the same day we also bagged out with Brett Skinner , George and Ross's crew

These fish whilst small are great fun to catch and better to eat.

Give me albacore everyday over yellowfin they are "The Chicken of the Sea".

We will catch these great sportfish right through to December as we predicted last column.

Fish Species: albacore and yellowfin
Bait Used: bib less minnows
Tackle Used: 10kg
Method Used: trolling
Water Depth: 400 fathoms
Water Temperature: 21c
Wind Direction: light nor east
Wind Speed: 5to 15 knots
We have bagged out every trip lately
We have bagged out every trip lately

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