Long time charterer Steve "the Shooter" Odelli has caught many great fish on Broadbill and Billfisher, including yellowfin, marlin and snapper.

He is a beaut bloke and a very good angler and as keen as mustard to catch fish.

On a recent trip to New Zealand he caught a 276kg Southern Bluefin tuna on 37kg

Steve said they pulled up at the back of the hoake boats and the huge tuna would feed on the trawler trash, it was as simple as feeding out a bait of hoake and "bingo" hang on. The bfirrst blistering run the big fish tiook 350 metres of 80lb line without stopping once…….now that's a line burner. Steve took over 3 hours to catch the giant tuna

He reckoned they pull like a 38 class Newcastle Flyer.

Well done Steve and your friends a great effort.

The fish were brought back to Port and filleted then given to a home for underprivileged.

For more photos of the big fish and some of our local yellowfin tuna visit our web site

Fish Species: giant bluefin
Bait Used: hoake
Tackle Used: 80lb
Method Used: chumming
Water Depth: 1000fathoms
Water Temperature: 18 degrees
Wind Direction: light
Wind Speed: 10knots
Steve Odelli plays the 276kg bluefin It went on for 3 hours
Steve Odelli plays the 276kg bluefin It went on for 3 hours

276kg bluefin caught by Steve Odelli
276kg bluefin caught by Steve Odelli

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