Fishing Reports by Captain Sean Hagen

About The Author:

Company: Shamrock Inshore Fishing charters

Area Reporting: tampa bay north and south shores

Bio: With over 30 years of fishing and guiding experience on Tampa Bay and South Florida waterways, landing trophy winning fish comes naturally to Captain Sean Hagen.

813 545-5639
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Pro Cure- West Coast Redfish Report (11/25/2011)
[Tampa,FL] Redfish fishing report from Florida West Coast. Catching Tampa Redfish on Artificals- Pro Cure.
Tampa Skyway Holding Big Fish! (4/29/2011)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing Tampa's Sunshine Skyway bridge for tarpon, snook, grouper & jewfish.
Eupro- Snook, Redfish, Trout & Flounder In Tampa Bay! (3/26/2011)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing for snook, redfish, trout and flounder in Tampa bay with captain sean hagen of shamrock fishing charters and Eupro pro-staff.
Eupro- Snook Fishing Tampa's South Shore! (3/21/2011)
[Tampa,FL] snook fishing tampa & st pete with eupro pro guide captain sean hagen of shamrock charters.
Eupro-Redfishing Tampa's South Shore! (3/17/2011)
[Tampa,FL] Tampa Bay Redfishing with captain Sean Hagen of Shamrock Inshore Fishing Charters. Catching slot size redfish on tampa's South Shore. Fishing Like A Pro With Eupro!
Eupro- Flounder Report From Tampa Bay! (3/08/2011)
[St. Petersburg,FL] flounder fishing st petersburg with captain sean hagen of shamrock fishing charters of Tampa Bay.
Eupro- Red Fishing Sarasota & St Pete! (3/06/2011)
[St. Petersburg,FL] Eupro Pro Staff Director Captain Sean Hagen of shamrock fishing charters gives redfish report for sarasota and st petersburg.
Eupro Pro-Staff - Tampa Fishing Update! (2/24/2011)
[St. Petersburg,FL] Fishing tampa & st petersburg for shark, flounder, sheepshead, redfish, black drum, trout and spanish mackerel.
EUPRO- Oddball Flounder Caught By Shamrock Fishing Charters! (1/17/2011)
[St. Petersburg,FL] Oddball flounder caught in Tampa Bay.Shamrock Inshore Fishing Charters.
EUPRO-Drift Fishing For Flounder In Tampa Bay! (12/29/2010)
[St. Petersburg,FL] Drift fishing techniques for flounder fishing in Tampa Bay using Eupro fishing Tackle.Flounder report by captain Sean Hagen Of Shamrock Fishing Charters.
Winter Fishing- Tampa Bay! (11/30/2010)
[St. Petersburg,FL] inshore charter fishing Tampa Bay with shamrock inshore charters. Fishing for redfish snook trout bluefish in st pete.
Eupro- Upper tampa Bay Reds, Snook & Trout ! (10/25/2010)
[Tampa,FL] www.fishingwithshamrock Eupro fishing report from Upper Tampa Bay! Catch red fish aboard the Salty Shamrock in Tampa Bay!
8ft. hammerhead Caught In Port Manatee On Light Tackle ! (9/17/2010)
[Tampa,FL] tampa shark fishing in tampa bay with hammerheads, bullsharks and blacktips
Little Tarpon Make For Big Fun In Tampa Bay! (8/19/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Fiahing for juvinile taron in Tampa bay with Shamrock Fishing Like A pro with EUPRO Pro-staff!
EUPRO- Fishing With Shamrock In Old Port Tampa ! (8/12/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing with Shamrock Charters in Old Port Tampa. Catching red fish, snook, mangrove snapper,& trout www.fishingwithshamrock EUPRO PRO-STAFF Fishing like a pro with EUPRO!
[Tampa,FL] Snook fishing in tampa. captain sean hagen of eupro pro-staff. shamrock fishing charters.
Feast of Fish (6/18/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing is really heating up in the month of June.
Big Redfish On Flats (5/07/2010)
[St. Petersburg,FL] Fishing for redfish with capt Sean Hagen of Shamrock Charters. Fishing like a pro with EUPRO tackle
Sarasota Redfish (5/01/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Cathching redfish & snook in Tampa Bay/Sarasota with Capt. Sean Hagen of Shamrock Fishing Charters. Using Eupro tackle on the flat A Shady Shamrock Fishing Report REDFISH!
Man VS Black Drum-Tampa Bay (3/29/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing Tampa in flats 3-5ft water for black drum with Captain Sean Hagen.
Cornbeef, Cabbage, & KingFish (3/09/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Warmer weather conditions bring on better fishing.
Eupro - Up The River In Tampa Bay! (2/03/2010)
[Tampa,FL] A Shady Shamrock fishing report By Capt. Sean Hagen of AKA Shamrock Charters.Covering Tampa Bay -winter fishing up the river for reds, trout , sheephead & black drum.
EUPRO Sheehead Report From Tampa Bay! (1/15/2010)
[Tampa,FL] Capt. Sean Hagen sheaphead fishing in Tampa Bay ! a EUPRO report. Fishing like a pro with Eupro!
Eupro Shrimp Is Key For Winter Reds In Tampa Bay! (12/13/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing with Shamrock Charters in Tampa Bay for Winter time redfish. A EUPRO fishing report by Capt Sean Hagen.
EUPRO Fishing Report -Upper Tampa Bay (12/05/2009)
[Tampa,FL] target species snook, redfish , trout in upperTampa Bay. Fishing negative tides with Shamrock Charters.
Flats Slam Tampa Bay (10/19/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Fishing the flats of Tampa Bay for Snook, Redfish, and Trout. EUPRO fishing report by Capt Sean Hagen of Shamrock Inshore Charters
Sight Fishing For Redfish In Tampa Bay! (9/15/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Sight fishing redfish on the flats of Tampa Bay. Tips to help you catch redfish. A EUPRO fishing report by capt. Sean Hagen of Shamrock Fishing Charters. "fishing like a pro"! with EUPRO tackle!
Spring Fling In Tampa Bay (3/21/2009)
[Tampa,FL] Spring fishing on South Shore has been good and is exspected to peak. Look for reds on the flats and snook in creek mouths and cuts adjacent to flats.
Big Tout On tThe Flats And Up The River In Tampa Bay! (1/08/2009)
Snook And Turkey Sandwhiches! (12/03/2008)
[Tampa,FL] snookin up the river produces good results despite cold water temps.
Tampa Wade Fishing Hot Spot For GI's (10/18/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Wade fishing for red fish and trout in Tampa bay. great action an angling oprotunities for GI,s.
Tampa Wade Fishing Hot Spot For GI's (10/18/2008)
[Tampa,FL] Wade fishing for redfish and trout in Tampa Bay.
TampaBay Snook On Flats And Beaches (6/23/2008)
[Tampa,FL] The snook our on the flats and beaches.For best results try free lining sardines and hold on!