Fishing Reports by Captain Steve Niemoeller

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Company: F& S water charters

Area Reporting: Central FL. Fresh and salt water

Bio: I am now a Full time Guide for . I fish the St. Johns river and Harris and Kissimmee Chains as well as the Mosquito Lagoon and Inshore Saltwater. Captain Steve Niemoeller is a full time professional guide located in Central Florida just minutes from Disney World and Orlando. Captain Steve can offer you more choices for your next fishing adventure. He offers Trophy Bass Fishing, Speck Fishing, and Fly Fishing. We will be fishing the St. Johnís River between Lake Monroe to the South and Lake George to the North. Captain Steve also fishes the Kissimmee Chain, the Harris Chain, and Multi day trips to the Stick Marsh Farm 13 are also available. Quality fishing products provided by the following ; Bass Assassin , , Stanley Spinner ,

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Schoolers on the river (5/20/2013)
[St. Johns River,FL] Large mouth bass are schooling on the baitfish in several places on the St Johns
Big Bass fishing St Johns river (3/10/2012)
[St. Johns River,FL] Wild shiners were what it took to fool the big bass into biting on the River at DeBary
Catching bass on SteelShads in ST Johns River (1/07/2011)
[St. Johns River,FL] Fishing the ledges in the ST Johns river proved to be a good choice with the SteelShad lure
St Johns River Bass fishing w/ Capt. Steve Niemoeller (10/26/2010)
[St. Johns River,FL] The bass were buried up under the vegatation but would come out to eat a frog
Redfish fishing Mosquito lagoon w/ Capt. Steve Niemoeller (10/21/2010)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Red fish are showing up in the backwaters of the lagoon now that waters have went down from past weeks
Fishing St Johns River for Bass & Specks w/Capt. Steve Niemoeller (10/19/2010)
[St. Johns River,FL] Bass were hanging out on the channel edge and the specks were buried up under cover tight
St. Johns river bass fishing W/ Capt. Steve Niemoeller (10/18/2010)
[St. Johns River,FL] Bass are finiky on the St Johns river when the water cools down
Water is HOT , Shad are plentiful and Bass are Biting (6/18/2010)
[St. Johns River,FL] Cranked and Flipped some bass into biting today on river
Lots of variety caught w/ Capt. Steve Niemoeller On Salt water (4/09/2010)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Bluefish and Jacks started the morning biting on SteelShads
Bass fishing on Harris Chain with Captain Steve Niemoeller (4/09/2010)
[Orlando,FL] Bass bites were slow in the morning but by 11 the action picked up but the hookups were few
SteelShad lures catch a variety of fish in Salt water an hours drive from Disney (4/04/2010)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Blue fish and Trout were all over the SteelShad Lure in Ponce Deleon Cut
Bass fishing is Good on St Johns River , with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (4/04/2010)
[St. Johns River,FL] The bass are feeding up to go on beds and some have already gone on the beds but as water warms the fishing is getting better .
Bass fishing St.Johns River with Capt Steve Niemoeller (1/31/2010)
[St. Johns River,FL] 57 degree air temp and went down from that and so did the fishing
Big Bass On St. Johns River (11/08/2009)
[St. Johns River,FL] St. Johns river yeilds big bass for customers 2 days in a row
Reds Starting To Eat In Late Morning (10/24/2009)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Day started out slow but late morning reds started to eat
Bass fishing on St. Johns Produces nice catch (10/20/2009)
[St. Johns River,FL] Saturday the 17th of Oct. bass fishing on St. Johns river produces some nice Bass
Redfishing the Flats w/Capt Steve Niemoeller (11/30/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] This report covers the week of Thanksgiving
Backwater fishing with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (11/19/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] The winds were high the boats were many and the Reds and trout were fun to catch for the clients
Reds and trout fishing On mosquito lagoon (11/19/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Top water plugs worked well catching trout and Redfish on thursday along with a little cut bait,
Bass fishing on Harris Chain (10/12/2008)
[Orlando,FL] before the wind got to blowing we fished some of the west and south sides of the lakes flipping and casting Steelshad lures
Water is high and Reds are biting (8/28/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] With the water being so high in the lagoon I was wondering how the Reds would react but it did not seem to bother them as they are willing to eat a variety of baits
Fishing Lake Monroe For Bass & Walleye (8/15/2008)
[Bloomington,IN] Bass, Walleye & Crappie where liking the Steelshad on Lake Monroe Near Bloomington IN
Bass Fishing The Ohio River (8/15/2008)
[Cannelton,IN] First couple of days it rained and the bass along with catfish where holding on breaks
Trophy bass fishing St Johns River w/Capt. Steve Niemoeller (5/26/2008)
[St. Johns River,FL] Big bass can still be caught this late in season on wild shiners
Redfish and trout fishing Mosquitolagoon Capt. Steve Niemoeller (5/26/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] This report is for last thursday and sat. fishing in Mosquito Lagoon
Central FL Redfish and trout fishing by Capt. Steve Niemoeller, (4/28/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Wind was calm in the morning and the top water bite was on for trout and blue fish with occasional Ladyfish and Jack Craville
Snook fishing intercoastal with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (4/26/2008)
[St. Augustine,FL] Snook fishing is hot south of St. Augustine on Rapalas
Big bass on St. Johns river with (4/26/2008)
[St. Johns River,FL] Big bass have been taking wild shiners on St Johns river
Fishing is good in ponce inlet area with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (3/22/2008)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Catching flounder and trout was a blast for Jeff and his 13 year old son from Indiana in creeks off intercoastal
Big Bass fishing on St. Johns River with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (3/21/2008)
[St. Johns River,FL] The morning started out with bass chasing my clients shiners everywhere not seeming to want to eat but within 30 minutes a 3 lb. bass was in the boat .
Bass fishing St.Johns River with Capt Steve Niemoeller (3/20/2008)
[St. Johns River,FL] The past 2 weeks has been very good bass fishing in the river .
Fishing the St Johns River with Steelshad with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (3/03/2008)
[St. Johns River,FL] Bass have been biting on SteelShad lures on the edges of pads and drop offs
Trout and Red fishing with Capt. Steve Niemoeller (2/11/2008)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] with very low water the fishing inthe backwaters has been difficult to get around but when found the fish are willing to eat
St. Johns River Report By CFLfishing Capt. Steve Niemoeller (2/11/2008)
[St. Johns River,FL] For the last month or so the bass fishing has been great on Lake's Dexter And George fishing with top waters and Steel shads
St. Johns River specks are starting to bite by Capt. Steve Niemoeller (11/01/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] The days are starting to cool down and the speck fishing is picking up
Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Report (10/07/2007)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Topwater baits have been bringing the Redfish and trout to life on the Mosquito Lagoon
St Johns river bass fishing For week of 8/24/07 (8/24/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] The past week has been very good for catching numbers of bass up to 4lbs , so if action is what you want this can be very good with the right lures.
lots of fish being caught in Intercoastal (7/20/2007)
[Daytona Beach,FL] Redfish and Flounder among a long list of other fish have been giving us a pull on our lines in the saltwater
Bass in eel grass on area lakes (7/20/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] Prerigged Touchdown worms in Black with blue tail and Topwater baits like Highrollers 3.25 have been producing well over the grass
Bass fishing still good on St Johns River (6/26/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] even with the temps soaring above 90 in the afternoon the bass are still eating the steel shad if presented in the stop and go YoYo retrieve
Blade n bass on St Johns river (5/24/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] The Steel shad is still the bait of choice to catch numbers off bass on St Johns river
Central Florida Bass Fishing with steel shad (5/14/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] Bass fishing in Central FLorida would not be the same without the Steel Shad
Bass fishing is hot with Steel Shad Baits (5/08/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] 19 bass and 1 Cat fish was fooled by the Steel Shad
Bass Fishing on Stanley Ribbit Frogs (4/26/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] South end of lake George produced some good bass on Ribbit Frogs frogs
Flounder Fishing on New Smyrna ICW (4/25/2007)
[Daytona Beach,FL] If you have never fished the ICW at Ponce Inlet you have missed a great fishery that you will not know till you land the fish what has Bitten your Lure
Bass in pads (4/25/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] Lots of bass can be caught in pads swimming frogs
Bass fishing on St. Johns Produces nice catch (4/17/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] Customers from Mass. have good day on River Catching Bass
St johns Bass Fishing From Debary (3/29/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] Bass are biting on shiners and some artificial(Early morning )
Salt water Ponce inlet Mo. Lagoon (3/25/2007)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Reds , Trout , Jacks and snook , can be caught in Mo. Lagoon on shrimp and the new blade bait called steel shad
St. Johns River Middle Section Fishing (3/25/2007)
[St. Johns River,FL] Wild shiners have been producing well to catch bass ,and small hair jigs working well to catch Specks(crappie)