Fishing Reports by Captain Steve Nixon

About The Author: Captain

Company: Fishhooks Adventures

Area Reporting: Central Texas Lakes and Port O Connor Texas

Bio: Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Capt. Steve Nixon Is a fourth generation Texan, he developed a passion for fishing as a child alongside his dad and years later, he is still expanding his fishing knowledge and skill levels. Now with over 40 years of fishing experience he does everything possible to create an unforgettable and world class fishing adventure for you.

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Canyon Lake, Texas Striped Bass Report (5/07/2018)
[Canyon Lake,TX] The fish catching has been on fire with stable weather and water temps climbing.
Calaveras Lake, San Antonio, Texas Report (2/28/2011)
[Calaveras Lake,TX] Still catching good numbers of Catfish and Redfish. As the water warms the redfish action will heat up.
Calaveras Lake Fishing Report (2/20/2011)
[Calaveras Lake,TX] My party's are catching over 50 Catfish a day and we are catching some Freshwater Redfish mixed in.
Catfishing Good At Calaveras Lake (2/16/2011)
[Calaveras Lake,TX] We are catching good numbers of Catfish and some Freshwater Redfish mixed in.
Freshwater Redfishing Good on Calaveras lake (6/21/2010)
[Calaveras Lake,TX] Still catching good size Freshwater Redfish at lake Calaveras near San Antonio, Texas
Fishing Has Been Very Good for Freshwater Redfish (6/04/2010)
[Calaveras Lake,TX] Fishing is very good at the power plant lakes near San Antonio, Texas.
Fishing Hot at Calaveras Lake, San Antonio, Texas. (7/29/2009)
[Calaveras Lake,TX] The fishing and weather are Hot at the San Antonio Power Plant Lakes, 102 deg. air temp and we loaded the boat.
Redfishing in the rain. (4/21/2009)
[Port O'Connor,TX] The flats were off color due to strong south winds and fishing started out slow and then came the rain.
[Port O'Connor,TX] The fishing has been good in the San Antonio Bay area. Bay Flats Guides are catching limits of Trout and Redfish on Norton Sand eels in dark colors and Berkley Gulp Shrimp and mullet in dark colors in 4-8 feet of water.
Guide report (10/24/2008)
[Port O'Connor,TX] Redfish, Trout and Flounder fishing good.