Yeah,,,They didn't even call me and let me know they wouldn't be there.

The boat was in the water with six dozen shrimp in the small live well, It was a beautiful day, and I hadn't fish by my self in a long time, so I went anyway.

I stayed close to the boat ramp at first (just in case they showed up).

Went across the cut to the other side and on the first three cast, I caught three trout. Ha-Ha-Ha (thinking to my self, this is gonna be a good trip today)

I then moved to another spot up the river I had not fished in a while and the fish were there waiting on me...

Using live shrimp and Gulp shrimp under the rattle float I caught plenty of red drum in the 20"-22" range and also plenty of trout. A good sized flounder even made it in the cooler. All this in one area,,Man I was having a good time with the ultra light tackle!

I got to thinking,,Im gonna leave these fish alone and go catch something else.

So out to the end of jetty's I went. Man it was calm out there in the ocean!

While looking for menhaden I was thinking about what to fish for next. After finding bait close to the end of the north jetty I rigged up two King Mackerel leaders. I had caught Kings here before with my last one at 38lbs.

I figured I would make one pass in the current rip and if I didn't get any thing I would put some baits on the bottom for the big red drum.

I had the motor in gear moving parallel to the rocks and put the first line out about 100' behind the boat, set the rod in the holder and went to bait the other one.

I was letting out the second one when the fish hit, zzzzzzzz off he went almost burning my thumb!

I turned the boat in the direction he was going so I wouldn't get spooled. Well after about 3-4 min the other rod goes off like its on fire!

Im standing there laughing my but off. What in the hell am I gonna do now!

I took my time fumbling around in the compartment that held the gaff while keeping the line tight on the fish. Got him in close and stuck the gaff in him,,Bam,,he was in the boat!

Now for the other one that had the spool just about empty! This was a bigger fish that took a little longer to get to the boat. Once again I took my time and followed him to get the line back on the spool.

It didn't take long and I was sticking the gaff in him! BAM! he was in the boat!

Ha-Ha-Ha laughing again, Im thinking this is as much fun as you can have with your clothes on......

With a big mess on the deck, Im thinking,,,where in the hell am I going to put these fish. My bay boat was not made to hold kings in the cooler.

I had to go in and get plenty of ice for the trip home.

Man,,,what a great day! I was back at the dock by 2:30..............

Here is a pic of the largest king at 29.5lbs. The other was 17lbs.


Fish Species: Red Drum, Trout and King Mackerel
Bait Used: Live shrimp, Gulp shrimp and live menhaden
Tackle Used: Spinning
Method Used: Casting and trolling
Water Depth: 2'-25'
Water Temperature: 76
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Speed: 5-10

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