Well we are just about at the peak of the Cisco Run. Plan on them running for at least another couple of weeks but if you plan on dip netting them I would be here for the weekend. Even though they will continue running the numbers won't be as great. Your best bet for catching them would be the weekend.

Trout fishing has been so-so. When there are 6-9 million Cisco in spawning the trout can catch fish without many problems. Most of the trout caught are so full on Cisco that they still have them sticking out from there mouths with another 5-10 already digesting inside. This makes for a fun time of year though because you can catch a lot of differnt species of fish. Lake Trout, Cutthroats, Bonneville Whitefish, Cisco, and even some of the smaller Bear Lake Whitefish. I have also seen a few Suckers ripped off of the bottom as well.

The best areas to fish are several so take your pick. For all of you that are going to dip the Cisco you have 2 choices, the State Marina in Garden City and Cisco Beach. Trout fishing also good in these locations as well. For those that want to jig for the day I would suggest the New Rock Piles off of the State Marina, the OLD Rock Pile in front of Ideal Beach Resort. The East side is also fishing very well. Try 1rst and 2nd Points, Pump House and South Eden. The West side has also produced some great fishing as well. Just look for a pullout and get down there and start jigging.

Best depths are between 15'-25' for the Cisco, Whitefish and a stray trout here and there. For better results on Trout go deeper to 40'-80'. There are fish at almost all depths. Just got to be in the right place at the right time for that big Bear Lake Record!

Best things to use I would suggest Kastmaster in 1/2-3/4oz size in Gold, Copper, Silver Blue, Silver Gree, Gold, Red. Also 3" tube jigs are very affective. I would try several different colors including but not limited to; white, chartruese, rainbow, green/black, and other such colors. For best result use a little Cisco on the end of your jig or Kastmaster also a Meal Worm or Nightcrawler can do wonders. Jig right off of the bottom and always have your drag set, you never know if your going to hook into a little Cisco or a Monster Lake Trout.

Use caution when on the ice, there are several methane gas springs that leave the ice very thin and most of the time not even frozen over. Please pick up all your trash when you leave. Fishing line is horrible on fish when it sinks to the bottom after ice off.

Pugstones IS NOT open until this coming spring. Please make other arrangements for your gear. Feel free to call me about anything that you might need. I do have gear in the shop and would be more than happy to leave some out for you or have you meet me down there. I will be out of town until Saturday 27th. Good luck to everyone and please remember to only keep what your going to use. It doesn't hurt to put a few fish back.

Fish Species: Trout, Cisco, Whitefish
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature: FROZEN AND SAFE ICE!!!
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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