Sal Campanile

The acres of spanish mackerel close to the point at punta mita have been a sight to see. Just get under the birds and have a blast with light spinning gear , small spoons or even just hooks covered up with a mylar duster will get smoked ! And I'm talking some nice fish up to 5 and 8 pounds .if you catch what looks like a skipjack with teeth (chula) , keep it - I'm not sure what you call them in english , but they are delicious.

Ok , now for the good stuff. The cold water is out and the tuna are back at corbetena (and banco) in big numbers. Don't expect any cows yet, but respectable size fish up to 150 lbs - and a lot of them. If they're feeding on sardines - you'll see the brownish bait balls - don't waste time with any other bait. Get some with a castnet or sabiki rigs because they are like having money in the bank!! Go light on the leaders (50 lbs fluoro is plenty and no swivels - just line to line connections). If you catch some 10 or 15 lbs yellowfin it's not a bad idea to bridle up those babies and see if chubaka is lurking close by - you never know! Buena suerte from capt sal campanile and his crew from !!!

Fish Species: Tuna, Mackeral, Dolphin
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

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Sal Campanile

About The Author: Captain Sal Campanile

Company: Tunatime Sportfishing

Area Reporting: Punta De Mita (Nayarit) Mexico

Bio: Captain Sal Campanile , owner/operator of Tunatime Sportfishing, is a U. S. Coast Guard licensed captain / International Game fish Association licensed captain, and member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He established and owned an offshore fishing school and charter business in south Florida and the Bahamas for 8 years, providing a professional "hands on" fishing school for anglers from all over the world. Tournament wins include the Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam- Big Fish Division/Heaviest Tuna and Pompano Rodeo Big Fish Division - Winner.

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