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Nuevo Vallarta fishing report April 2024 by Pete Vines (4/21/2024)
The water warms up for April and so does the offshore fishing here in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report 2024 by Pete Vines (4/05/2024)
The spring fishing in Puerto Vallarta continues to produce fish offshore and inshore. Both trips are fantastic. The sailfish,marlin,and tuna are running offshore. The bay fishing is a mixed bag where we are catching some mahi-mahi,roosterfish,California bonitas and Spanish mackerel. The huge jacks are schooling all over the bay.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report March by Pete Vines (3/15/2024)
The fishing action and the water start to heat up in the month of March. We are catching sailfish,tuna,marlin and some mahi-mahi. The next big change will be in
Puerto Vallarta fishing report February by Pete Vines (2/01/2024)
The fishing remains hot in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Serving up some mahi-mahi,sailfish,and Marlin. The weather and seas are perfect. 65 deg in the morning and 75 during the day. Flat seas and fish biting. What are you waiting for?
Puerto Vallarta fishing report December by Pete Vines (12/06/2023)
The water has cooled down a bit but the fishing has remained hot in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.Catching marlin,sailfish,and mahi-mahi
Puerto Vallarta fishing report November by Pete Vines (11/02/2023)
The marlin,sailfish, and mahi-mahi are tearing it up here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A lot of doubles and triples on the lines.
Punta Mita fishing report October by Pete Vines (10/18/2023)
The Fall season is in high gear catching marlin,tuna,sailfish and doraods here in Punta Mita ,Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report for September by Pete Vines (9/30/2023)
The fishing remains hot in Puerto Vallarta Mexico catching sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi and some tuna. This coming month is one of the best all year long.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report August by Pete Vines (8/11/2023)
August fishing in Puerto Vallarta is as hot as the weather. The marlin,sailfish and mahi-mahi action is heating up. Come on down and join us.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report July by Pete Vines (7/07/2023)
The July fishing report starts with a big bang like the fourth of July. The sailfish,marlin, roosterfish,and dorados are in good numbers. The fishing inshore and offshore has been fantastic here in Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report June by Pete Vines (6/04/2023)
The June fishing has picked up nicely with some dorados, striped marlin, and roosterfish showing up in good numbers, start of a fantastic summer is coming our way.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report April by Pete Vines (4/08/2023)
The fishing remains hot offshore with some incredible inshore action. The Easter action is off the charts. This is the way to start spring off.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report January 2023 by Pete Vines (1/08/2023)
Merry Fishmas from Puerto Vallarta fishing report fro January 2023. New Year and new fish being caught in Mexico with this warm weather we are having this month.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report december by Pete Vines (12/04/2022)
The water may be cooling down in Puerto Vallarta Mexico but the fishing remains hot. When most folks are putting their fishing gear away for the winter we are just getting started.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report November 2022 by Pete Vines (11/01/2022)
The November fishing report for Puerto Vallarta Mexico