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For the anglers that have been here before in the spring, you already know the fishing is good during this month. Let’s take a look at what we will be fishing for during the start of spring break in Puerto Vallarta. The marlin will be around, but mostly offshore.  The Blue marlin moves into our fishing grounds around this time of the year.  We have more striped marlin than blue marlin.  The striped marlin likes the cooler water so we always keep an eye on the water temperatures and where the larger baits are schooling.  There will be some mahi-mahi action mixed with the marlin action and always fun to catch. The Dorados as they are called here in Mexico are some of the best eating you can find in any part of this fishing world we live in.

Around the reefs and a few honey holes, we have marked here on our GPS.  There will be the amberjack, grouper, snapper, bottom fish, and the always schooling yellowtail. We love to use jigs, cut bait, lures, and the all-time favorite live bait on this fantastic fishing spot here close to Puerto Vallarta. There are few days that the fish will not bite here at these famous places we fish in April.  The only problem we encounter is when we have strong currents. In April the sea is usually flat with no weather issues. One of the frequent questions I get every day is “is it going to be rough out there? ”  April brings lots of sunshine, flat seas, and good fishing. The water is still holding around 76 deg. and is great for this area.

The good thing about fishing, in Puerto Vallarta in April is you are not limited to one or two species of fish. We have many different kinds of fish and offshore/inshore fishing depending on how much time you want to spend here in our fishing mecca. Let us know your budget, and how many will be in your group and I’ll guarantee we will get you on the right boat with one of our top-notch Captains and first mates. I’ve included our email info and my toll-free number to get the latest fishing report and current conditions. 800 4306048.

Here is a list of some of our top 5 fishing spots in Puerto Vallarta Mexico,



  • The entire bay of Puerto Vallarta has great fishing from the reefs, the south side of the bay up to the north side of the bay around the La Cruz Area.  There is also incredible bay fishing north close to Punta Mita.



  • The islands offshore along with several reefs we fish almost every day, From trolling to top water casting these fishing spots offer excellent fishing in April.



  • El Morro, An offshore honey hole of a fishing spot that holds marlin,sailfish, mahi-mahi and some good bottom fishing



  • Corbetena or the Rock as it is called by most of the local Captains here in Puerto Vallarta offers some of the best fishing you can find in the ten-hour range for offshore fishing. Marlin, tuna, huge snapper, dorados, and sailfish just to mention a few of the pelagic fish we catch in April at this fantastic fishing spot



  • El Banco known for it’s huge tuna, marlin,dog tooth snapper, mahi-mahi and much more. this 12 to 14 trip takes you over 50 miles offshore and it known as one of the top fishing places in the world.





As you can see, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer in April for fishing along with Easter activities, incredible beaches, nightlife, five-star hotels, stunning condos, some of the finest cuisine in the world ,and last but not least the friendliest people in the world.

Hope to see everyone out on the water this month.

Capt Pete and crew

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jiggingd,pictch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 76
Wind Direction: na
Wind Speed: 6 knots

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