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Hold on to your hats when fishing in Puerto Vallarta during the month of March.  There are several changes  you’ll surely see this month. . The 1st is gonna be some of the friendliest people in the world, also you will notice have incredible weather during March with cool afternoon breezes, many fun activities for spring break, and some of the best fishing on the planet.

During the month of March, we’ll change  our fishing techniques. We’ll start to see the water warm-up which is a good thing for the larger marlin, blues, and blacks. We’ll see numerous schools of different bait entering the Bay and just offshore. This is a fantastic month for fishing  here in Puerto Vallarta. With so much bait around the bay and so many fishing options, you will not know which fishing trip to choose. We have it all from bay fishing, overnight fishing, bottom fishing. Deep-sea fishing, offshore fishing, and reef fishing.  If you are unsure just give me a call toll-free and I’ll answer any questions you might have about fishing, costs and amount of time you should spend on the water.

I always enjoy to get people to let me know what they want to fish for when coming to Puerto Vallarta this time of the year. A lot of people don’t realize March is the best month for rooster fishing here in Vallarta. You will love taking one of our 8-hour fishing trips during this time of the year. With so many coastlines here have incredible Bay fishing along with all the other options I have listed above. And we also have incredible offshore fishing. Take a look at our incredible deep- sea fishing rates.

One of my favorite trips is the 8-hour trip, where will fish inside the Bay and then blast offshore looking for some sailfish and marlin. If the marlin action is not so crazy Marlin then we will come back and hit some of those reefs for snapper, amberjack, and the most sought-after roosterfish.

One of the surprising things that you’ll find is that these bait balls can pop up anywhere at any time during the month of March. This happens quite often in the bay of Puerto Vallarta and offshore. As you’ve seen before in my fishing reports we have a lot of factors. We look for many fishing factors, but the number one factor you will find is the bait movement. If you find the bait you will differently find the fish. The fish love the right temperature water, clarity, but last but not least is the bait. Everything has to eat and so do the fish. So if you’re on the bait You’re on the fish. So the trick is to be on the bait when you got the right tide either coming in or going out. You will surely kill them fishing. 

When the newcomers are coming around Puerto Vallarta that may need help and choosing the right size boat or the right day just give us a call. We’ve been here for over 37 years helping folks from Bay fishing to 3 to 4-day offshore fishing trips.

If we can’t catch it you don’t wanna hook it.

Hope to see everyone out there on the water having success here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, where the friendliest people in the world live

Until next time we’ll keep a hot fishing rod and a cold beer on the boat waiting for you

Capt. Pete and crew


Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jigging,pictch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 78 deg
Wind Direction: na
Wind Speed: 7 knots

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Pete Vines

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