East end kings 7/21

2007-07-22 18:02:31
Salmon River, New York - Freshwater Fishing Report
Lake Ontario 7 miles N of the Salmon River
Shane Thomas

Hit the water Sat morning expecting to find temps went deep after the BIG blow on Fri. Much to our surprise they were still hangin around 100'- So we set up in 120' running the usual 2 spoon -2 fly program - not long and the first salmon was in the net- 105' down on white PT w/ hammer fly- didn't get a chance to put it back downand another rod was thumping away- this was on a spoon run back 30' down 95' - things were startin off great! The radio was goin nutz! I think every boat w/in 2 miles was doin fish at the same rate. After the 1st hour things settled a bit for a steady 2-3 hits per hour- as the day went on the kings slowed but the bts took over. Down speed was best 2-2.5-

I ran dipsys but they really just got in the way- Everytime I ran them the riggers would go- so I ended up puttin them away- some guys on the radio were hitting them on wires out 270 w/ spin drs/mirage fly.

Fish Species: king salmon/ brown trout
Bait Used: spoons- dodger/flies
Tackle Used: trolling
Method Used: trolling
Water Depth: 120-150'
Water Temperature: varies
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Speed: light

Shane Thomas

About The Author: Captain Shane Thomas

Company: Salmon River Guide

Area Reporting: Salmon River & Lake Onatario- Oswego cnty NY

Bio: 17 years guiding/chartering Lake Onatrio & Salmon River NY- fishing for salmon steelhead walleye brown trout smallmouth bass pike

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