Jeff Brandon

Surface water temperature 64 to 69 degrees, good water clarity, but the further east you get the darker the water gets. Winds South and 8 to 11 mph. Mosquitos are still on the scale of irritating to brutal, depending upon the wind speed, direction and how close you are to the marsh. MarshLand Spray has been the best for us so far, and we tend to use about a can or so in the morning on the water. Mornings have provided us with some very strong outgoing tides, and the conditions for catching good numbers of fish were lined up to be excellent. We started on the South shoreline, and saw a tailing red, but could not get it to commit. Cruised down the bank with the TM, and managed a couple bites, but no takers. Moved over to a shell ledge and made a number of casts without hooking up and moved up into the marsh and fished some deeper channel ledges and caught a couple of short fish. Moved once again and found some good current and the fish were stacked up on some shell about 75 yards off the shoreline and it was non-stop action for a couple hours. We did have to weed through a number of smaller fish, but caught limits of Speckled Sea Trout, all on artificial lures, consisting mainly of ¼ oz heads with Limetreuse tails performing the best. Caught a couple on Paul Brown Corkys, but the tails performed the best by far. Moved once again and managed a couple fish off a long point close to a large drain with current, but not a consistent bite. Moved over to Little Pasture Bayou and managed one keeper trout, but not what we had hoped for. Took a break for lunch and ventured back out and the fish we found earlier were still stacked and eating resulting in a couple more limits of trout, and a 29” Redfish. All fish were caught and released to live another day.

All in all, a great day to enjoy God’s Beauty and fellowship with some great folks on Galveston Bay.

Until Next Time – Captain Jeff Brandon – Get the Net Guide Services, LLC – Year-Round Fishing Guide


Fish Species: Speckled Trout, Redfish, Black drum
Bait Used: Artificial tails 1/4 oz heads
Tackle Used: Downsouth
Method Used: Casting, Bumping off the bottom
Water Depth: 3 to 4 foot
Water Temperature: 65
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 10 mph

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