Mike Walker

Smith Lake

June 14, 2012

I spent the last several days on the coast, bouncing around from Orange Beach(AL), Biloxi(MS), and Long Beach(MS). Sometimes things don't go like you plan, we had planned three straight days of fishing on the coast. That's when mother nature dumped up to 20 inches of rain depending on where you were. Needless to say, that keep us off the water a good amount of the time. Tuesday Steve and me headed out early to do some trout fishing. We met Melton and Cecil at Pass Christian marina by Rasco's bait shop. After loading the boat, we started out of the harbor. We netted as many pogy as the boat could hold and started our run out to the chandeleur sound. Melton put the hammer down for our 18 mile run, I love running wide open in chop. It's as close to a roller coaster ride on the water as you can get.  After making our run we arrived to our spot. We hooked up within minutes, as I boated the first trout.  Thats when mother nature peaked her head out again and filled the day with wind out of every direction. We only had a small window with the tide and between the wind and current not really cooperating, it made for a tough day. We caught some trout and plenty of fish we didn't want, like catfish and a couple baby black tip sharks. I even got stuck by one of those pesky catfish. I think Melton got a little frustrated with the bite, but to tell you the truth. Steve and me had a blast, I know your not always going to kill it. I spend over 200 days a year on the water and between all the different variables your going to have tougher days. No matter what kind of day you have fishing, the important thing is to have a good time and enjoy the company you keep. There weren't many differences between us, other then a couple year in age. They have a passion for fishing and they see things for what they are. There were no glass half empty people on the boat. I can't wait to get back down there and do it again. Cecil if your reading this, can you send me a jar of your eggs. Thanks  again for everything Melton I really enjoyed it.

I will be back on the water this evening getting ready for this weekend. I hope the rain keep things from heating up to much. As the area i was killing it in, will not be good for much long if it continues to heat up. I have two day open next week, I will be posting pictures of the days best catch throughout the weekend.

So if your interested in fishing Smith Lake give me a call or email.

Mike Walker






Fish Species: Striped bass
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Water Depth:
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