Subject: Guntersville, Alabama

Submitted by Capt. Jim Burks -- Bassin Adventures from Al. on

Water Temperature: 50

Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

I hope everyone had a great Christmas,the weather is definitly taylor made for bass fishing.I'm finding fish up shallow and deep so there is a pattern for everyone's taste.The shallow fish are in and out according to the water temp but the deep fish are more stationary.At the risk of being scolded by some of the "Post Vultures" I have been busy taking some of the ESPN competitors out to learn the lake and find fish.I can see the different views that people may have and I respect all of them,I just don't appreciate the Vultures that don't have any positive input to help our sport or the environment,they just sit and wait for a post to come up so they can take a cheap shot at someone they don't know,about something they know nothing about.I'd bet that most of the true Vultures don't even fish!Anyway,I don't usually respond to that crap anyway.On a brighter note,I've been catching some good fish shallow on a lipless bait or shallow crankbait made by Strictly Bass it's a Shakee Shad and it is killer on Big Bass around stumps and scattered grass and deep on my favorite jig,The Invader Jig made by Strictly Bass in Peanut Butter Jelly with a Green Pumpkin Trailer.I have my truck and boat wrapped now with a new sponsor,Visit Lake it stands out so now when you see me on the lake I know you'll know who it is so you'd better wave!LOL Be Safe,God Bless Jim Burks


Fish Species: Largemouth
Bait Used: Invader Jig/Shakee Shad by Strictly Bass
Tackle Used: 2iG rods and Pflueger Reels
Method Used: slow hop jig slow crawl c/b
Water Depth: 2-12
Water Temperature: 49-51
Wind Direction: variable
Wind Speed: l&v

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About The Author: Captain Jim Burks

Company: BassinAdventures

Area Reporting: North Alabama

Bio: Full time professional Bass fishing guide.USCG Lic.#1159998. I live with my wife on Guntersville Lake and I fish at least 250 days a year,rain or shine.I thank God every day for the blessings He has given me.

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