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Huli Cat Wednesday combo for 11/13/13 by Tom Mattusch (11/13/2013)
Limits of rockfish. 10 lingcod for 12 anglers. Limits of crab for passengers and crew.
Friday Crab Combo on Huli Cat 11/8 by Tom Mattusch (11/08/2013)
Limits of rockfish. Limits of Dungeness crab. Foggy and calm.
11/3 Rockfish Dungeness crab combo by Tom Mattusch (11/03/2013)
limits of rockfish and Dungeness crab. Weather better than forecast early. Possibly on later.
Salmon Opening Day by Tom Mattusch (4/07/2012)
16 fish for 16 anglers. Weather could nothave been better. Good count inspite of large starting size limit.
Veterans Sand Dab Crab Combo by Tom Mattusch (4/07/2012)
Too rough to successfully fish crab dabs. Switched to crabbing, made 14 Veterans very happy with 75 Dungeness crab.
Dungeness crab out of Half Moon Bay by Tom Mattusch (2/16/2012)
Limits of Dungness Crab for the boat. Short run and good weather. 38 degrees this morning, warming up.
Saturday's attempt at a Sand dab crab combo by Tom Mattusch (2/11/2012)
Limits of Dungeness crab. Water conditions deteriorated for sand dab fishing. Calmer seas ahead.
2/11 Sand dab Crab Combo by Tom Mattusch (2/11/2012)
Southerly made for tough fishing conditions. Anglers caught sanddabs. Limits of Dungeness crab.
Chilipepper Research trip by Tom Mattusch (1/29/2012)
Lots of chilipepper rockfish in 100 to 120 fathoms. Yellowtail rockfish in 45 fathoms. Excellent weather.
Huli Cat crabbing Friday 1/27 by Tom Mattusch (1/27/2012)
6 liimits of Dungeness crab. Pots were fishing well. Short trip.
Dungeness Crab & Sand Dab for 1/14 by Tom Mattusch (1/14/2012)
13 lilmits of Dungeness crab. 140 sand dabs. Great weather, calm water, terrific day.
Huli Cat Sand Dab & Crab trip for 1/13 by Tom Mattusch (1/13/2012)
All the Sand dabs anglers could handle. Limits of Dungeness crab.Excellent weather to be out on the ocean.
Crab and Sanddab 1/8 by Tom Mattusch (1/08/2012)
Limits of crab. All the sanddabs a person wanted. Seas have come down
Monday Rockies & crab by Tom Mattusch (12/12/2011)
8 limits of Dungeness Crab. 2/3 limits on Rockfish & 1 ling cod. Cold and rolly today.
Humboldt Squid Crab combo Huli Cat 12/11 by Tom Mattusch (12/11/2011)
Zero Humboldt Squid & 17 limits of Dungeness Crab. Flat calm ocean. Lots of sea life.
Rockfish & Crab on a Beautiful Ocean by Tom Mattusch (12/10/2011)
27 limits of Dungeness crab. 27 limits of rockfish, 8 lingcod, 4 cabezon. Ocean could not have been any better.
Crabbing on 12/7 by Tom Mattusch (12/07/2011)
10 folks showed up to go for Dungeness Crab. Left late, came in early. A chilly breeze added to excitement.
Crab & Rockfish after the blow by Tom Mattusch (12/04/2011)
8 limits of Dungeness crab & 7 limits of rockfish. Ocean was very calm and pleasant. Pots full and fish bit well.
Humboldt cancel, rockfish & rab trip by Tom Mattusch (12/03/2011)
13 limits of rockfish, 16 limits of dungeness crab. Weather was too rough for Humboldt squid. Got better as the day progressed.
Huli Cat Rockfish Crab Combo Tuesday by Tom Mattusch (11/29/2011)
15 limits of rockfish & Dungeness crab. 5 lingcod were an added bonus. Got in as the weather turned sloppy.
Thaksgiving Day Crabbing by Tom Mattusch (11/24/2011)
9 limits of Dungeness crab. Weather just starting to settle down. Water was still a little sloppy.
Wednesday's crab Rodeo on the Huli Cat by Tom Mattusch (11/23/2011)
21 limits of Dungeness crab. The wather was very rough. With commercial crabbers on strike, we got some crab for the public.
Huli Cat chilipepper rockfish Sampling by Tom Mattusch (11/22/2011)
Fished for Chilipepper rockfish as part of the Stock Assessment. Took additional yellowtail rockfish, widows and blues for research. Crew got a couple Dungeness crabs.
Dungeness crab limits in 2 hours by Tom Mattusch (11/09/2011)
10 limits of dungeness crab in 2 hours. Very flat calm water. Great day
Huli Cat Rockfish Crab Combo for 11/6 by Tom Mattusch (11/06/2011)
29 limits of Dungeness crab. Alost lmtis of rockfish & several lingcod. Huge swell subsided from Saturday
Huli Cat Sunday rockfish by Tom Mattusch (10/23/2011)
7 limits of rockfish, 4 lingcod. Excellent weather. No white sea bass
Huli Cat Saturday Rockfish by Tom Mattusch (8/20/2011)
24 limits of rockfish. No hitchhikers made it on board. Big southerly.
Friday Rockfish by Tom Mattusch (8/19/2011)
12 limits of rockfish and anglers and crew, we didn't even go as far as Martins Beach. Put 4 lings on the deck, lost several more.
Wounded & Disabled Vets FishingTrip by Tom Mattusch (8/19/2011)
24 limits of rockfish, 2 lingcod. SCI volunteers assisted on deck to help Vets enjoy fishing. Meal at the Princeton, CA American Legion (Post 474) after.
Tunitas San Gregorio rockfish 7/30 by Tom Mattusch (7/30/2011)
10 limits of rockfish, 4 lingcod, 1 cabezon. Nice flat weather to enjoy a day out. CRFS Sampler on board.
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