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July 31, Kona Fishing Report. by Dee Bradford (7/31/2010)
[Kona,HI] Kona deep sea fishing during July and August is for Blue Marlin, Ahi, Spearfish and Wahoo. July through September is our prime time for big game fishing in Kona for Blue Marlin. It is also our tournament season, so if you are looking to fish during this time,  I recommend reserving a boat early.  The wonderful fishing conditions define Kona fishing. We fish flat water, close to shore for giant Blue Marlin and Ahi. Fishing in Kona is family friendly and comfortable.
Kona Hawaii fishing report - June wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (6/29/2010)
[Kona,HI] The summer marlin bite is kicking into gear so marlin are now a daily sight on the catch board. Mostly blue marlin but the striped marlin are also making a showing. Last summer we had more striped marlin show up in the summer than we did in that previous winter even though the winter months are the peak season for them. It’s very possible that we will see the same thing happen again .......
June 20, 2010 Kona fishing report by Dee Bradford (6/20/2010)
[Kona,HI] Kona fishing is at it's peak in late June through August. Blue Marlin and Ahi (giant yellowfin tuna) are the main catch..although great eating Wahoo are here for the light tackle enthusiast
Kona Hawaii fishing report - May wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (5/26/2010)
[Kona,HI] We’re experiencing a good ono run right now so ono tops the list of the most common fish caught this month. The marlin bite has been real slow so most of the boats are pounding the ono lane in order to have a successful trip.
Couple from texas hook 9 bonefish in one day! by Chris Asaro (5/23/2010)
[Oahu,HI] Bonefishing as good as it gets. the time is now!
Big Blue Marlin by Marlin Parker (5/07/2010)
[Kona,HI] Largest Blue Marlin caught in Hawaii so far this year, 1104 lbs. The fish was caught on the Marlin Magic in April.
May 6, Kona Hawaii Fishing Report by Dee Bradford (5/07/2010)
[Kona,HI] The Kona deep sea fishing in May is mainly for Blue Marlin, Spearfish and Wahoo. There might also be some striped Marlin and Ahi around during the spring. May is traditionally is a big Blue Marlin month in Kona fishing...and this year has been no exception. It seems like every day one or more big marlin are weighed in or released unharmed.
Spring time Hawaii Bonefishing in Full Swing by Chris Asaro (5/05/2010)
[Oahu,HI] We are finally through the windy, cloudy period on Oahu and the next several months will be redhot!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - April wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (4/28/2010)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii fishing report – April wrap-up , This month, the biggest marlin of the year was made 4 times! If you’ve been following my reports, you might remember .................
Winds subside and Bonefishing improves by Chris Asaro (4/21/2010)
[Oahu,HI] Winter is officially over on Oahu and some of the best bonefishing of the year is right around the corner
Windy conditions and Very low tide by Chris Asaro (4/05/2010)
[Oahu,HI] Get ready for some redhot spring conditions as winds peel back and tides improve!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - March wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (3/30/2010)
[Kona,HI] The March marlin bite has been a let down this year. I hate doing a negative report and I catch some heat from other captains about not pumping up the fishing here but the truth is the truth. There were a few days when the marlin bite was pretty hot but on average
Winter Winds and Tailing Hawaiian Bonefish by Chris Asaro (3/23/2010)
[Oahu,HI] We are almost through the worst part of the year of wind and rain so get ready for some seriously world class bonefishing!
March 10 Kona, Hawaii fishing report by Dee Bradford (3/11/2010)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii March Fishing Report. Blue Marlin and Spearfish are biting now in good numbers. Wahoo should be arriving soon!
Tsunami Warnings, Wind, Rain and Tailers by Chris Asaro (3/07/2010)
[Oahu,HI] we have been very fortunate to have great weather this winter. it seems our luck ran out last week but this will pass very soon!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Feb. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (2/28/2010)
[Kona,HI] I normally start out with a billfish report but I know many are wondering how Kona was affected by the Tsunami. Out of about 400 boats in Kona’s harbor, all went out to avoid damage except 20.
First time Bonefisherman Score! by Chris Asaro (2/24/2010)
[Oahu,HI] When fishing tides, keep the faith, things change rapidly with moving water.
9 lb Hawaiian Bonefish on Fly by Chris Asaro (2/18/2010)
[Oahu,HI] Your one cast away from 'a fish of a lifetime'!
Hawaiian bonefishing stays Hot by Chris Asaro (2/08/2010)
[Oahu,HI] If Oahu isn't on your list of places to go after world class bonefishing, you are really missing out with fish averaging 6-8 lbs and many in the world record ranges!
Redhot Wintertime Hawaiian Bonefishing by Chris Asaro (1/30/2010)
[Oahu,HI] When you plan your trip to hawaii, a half day of stalking bonefish NEEDS to be on your list of things to do. We can schedule it for the best part of the tide to ensure nonstop action!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Jan. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (1/27/2010)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii fishing report – Jan. wrap-up . The start of a new year so Kona’s “Big Fish List” starts fresh. 22 kinds of fish make up the list but last year, one slot, bonefish, was never filled...........
Another 11lb Hawaiian Bonefish by Chris Asaro (1/20/2010)
[Oahu,HI] Perseverance pays off in dividends with a 'fish of a lifetime'. You are one cast away from making this your reality!
Wintertime bonefishing in hawaii by Chris Asaro (1/11/2010)
[Oahu,HI] This the place to be all winter! We will never see water colder than 70's, so expect to see plenty of feeding bonefish with the proper tide.
Perfect conditions keep the action nonstop by Chris Asaro (12/29/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Take advantage of perfect conditons when it comes to bonfishing! they do not like bad weather but wind can be your friend as it makes it tougher for them sense your presence.
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Dec. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (12/28/2009)
[Kona,HI] There has been some big blue marlin around lately and the spearfish run has started early but still no striped marlin to speak of. I've only heard of one caught recently. They should be here by now but...
Amazing conditions and tailing bonefish by Chris Asaro (12/20/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Winter fishing is all about timing and taking advantage of the nice days. I try to move clients around to get that perfect day.
11.5 lb bonefish on flyrod by Chris Asaro (12/10/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Get out there! you are one cast away from getting one of these beasts!
Bonefish tails at first light in hawaii by Chris Asaro (11/29/2009)
[Oahu,HI] i like to get a very early start with the proper tide. tailing fish are least aware with the lower light. monster bonefishing is a numbers game. the more shots you get the higher your odds of connecting!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Nov. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (11/26/2009)
[Kona,HI] Mahi mahi tops the list as the most common catch of the month. Normally these fish are caught in the deep either “in the blind” or around the FAD’s (Fish Aggregating Device’s), or on any floating debris (called a floater here) you can find.
Midweek update- 11 lb bonefish on fly by Chris Asaro (11/19/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Make the most out of everyday and go fishing when you can. That's what we did and look what happened!
Massive tails in windy paradise by Chris Asaro (11/18/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Windy condtions forced a couple of trips to be cancelled but i managed to get out a few days. The fish were happily tailing and ready for those up for the challenge!
Wading for Giant Bonefish by Chris Asaro (11/10/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Wading for bonefish is the most productive way to sight fish for the larger fish. It is by far the best way to get the closest and most time near such amazing creatures!
Tails Everywhere! by Chris Asaro (11/02/2009)
[Oahu,HI] With low tide at first light, we drove right to tailing bonefish! this is an ideal setup for non-stop action!
Kona Fishing Forecast for November 2009 by Dee Bradford (10/30/2009)
[Kona,HI] The fishing in Kona has been good the past few weeks as we enter winter. Blue Marlin are found in the waters off Kona all year around, so you never know if that next strike will be a 20 Mahi Mahi or a 700 lb Blue Marlin!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Oct. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (10/29/2009)
[Kona,HI] The marlin bite is picking up quite nicely especially compared to the end of last month and the beginning of October...
Hunting Monster Bonefish by Chris Asaro (10/27/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Another bluebird week with light winds! But as is every October, it was one of the slowest weeks. October is a great month to come to Oahu as tourism is at it's lowest level.
Pursuit of the next World Record Bonefish on the Honolulu Flats by Chris Asaro (10/20/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Oahu is known for some of the largest Bonefish in the world. When you see the tail and dorsal fin pop up out of the water it's a sight to behold! Hooking into one is like latching on to a ferrari on the autobahn!
World Record Bonefish in Paradise by Chris Asaro (10/14/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Hunting for World Record Bonefish reqires a 'never say die' mindset. With this attitude and honed skills, a world record can be a cast away for even the novice. Get out there and stay positive!
Flyfishing for Bonefish around Oahu by Chris Asaro (10/05/2009)
[Oahu,HI] Stalking the grey ghost in paradise can be very challenging and exciting. persistance is rewarded with reel screaming action!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Sept. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (9/30/2009)
[Kona,HI] The beginning of September was pretty good fishing but I haven’t been getting out much.
Stalking World Record Bonefish In The Honolulu Flats by Chris Asaro (9/28/2009)
[Oahu,HI] introduction to oahu, hawaii bonefishing. great bonefishing is minutes from touristy waikiki. a great family destination featuring world class beaches and activities with a chance to slip away for some serious reel screaming action!
Kona Hawaii fishing report - August wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (9/01/2009)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii fishing report – August wrap-up . The marlin bite remains good for Kona. So, “good” being a relative term, what exactly is a “good” bite for Kona? Any day you catch a marlin is a good day but ........................
Kona Hawaii fishing report - July wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (8/02/2009)
[Kona,HI] Kona Hawaii fishing report – July wrap-up . We had some big tournaments this month. The Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) was a huge success with a huge amount of marlin and spearfish tagged and released but almost all of them were the small. The biggest marlin killed and weighed in was a 566 pounder.
Kona Hawaii fishing report - June wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (6/30/2009)
[Kona,HI] The male blue marlin showed up in force this month. These guys average around 150 lbs. and are so abundant now that on a full day charter, you’re almost guaranteed to run into at least one. So what about the big female marlin I’ve been reporting about the last couple of months?
Kona Hawaii fishing report - May wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (5/29/2009)
[Kona,HI] In last months fishing report I focused in on “Grander” (over 1000 lb.) marlin. Just a couple of days ago another “close but no cigar” was weighed in. This one tipped the scale at 913 lbs. There have been other big ones both brought in and even more released recently. We have year round blue marlin but the summer months usually have more abundance. Last year it was the small male blue marlin that showed up first and the big females didn’t show up ‘til later in the summer.
Kona Hawaii fishing report - April wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (4/29/2009)
[Kona,HI] Kona is the Pacific blue marlin capital of the world for more reasons than one.
May Kona Hawaii Fishing Report by Dee Bradford (4/28/2009)
[Kona,HI] May in Kona means big Blue Marlin along with Spearfish and Wahoo. There is something for everyone, light tackle fishing for Wahoo and Big Game fishing for giant Blue Marlin. Fishing is excellent right now.
Kona Hawaii April 11, 2009 fishing report by Dee Bradford (4/11/2009)
[Kona,HI] The fishing in Kona has been excellent for Blue Marlin and Ahi the past week. This winter/spring has seen the best Blue Marlin fishing in many years.
Kona Hawaii fishing report - March wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (3/31/2009)
[Kona,HI] Check out this report...................
Kona Hawaii fishing report - Feb. wrap-up by Jeff Rogers (2/28/2009)
[Kona,HI] read on ........................ The bite has been soooo good for February that the term I first thought of to describe it is off the hook!
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