Our next Nymph Clinic with Aaron will be on Sunday, October 12th from 9AM-1PM. These fill up, so book now if you want to take the mystery out of this "black art". Whether you are a novice or long-time nympher, you will leave this clinic a more effective fisherman. Nymphs catch trout whether the water is high, low, clear or dirty, and even when water temps dip into the 30's. Learn to nymph and you can get away from the crowded pools and fish with elbow room, without having to depend on hatches & rising trout. Aaron has done dozens of these clinics for us, and the response has been excellent, with clinic attendees leaving much improved and able to go out and nymph effectively on their own. Get ready for the Fall & Winter nymphing and take your fishing to the next level. Reading the water, seasons, water temps, hatches, suggested patterns, leader construction, indicators, flourocarbon tippets, weight usage, suggested tackle, dead-drifting, strike detection, mending, proper hook-setting technique, etc. will all be covered. Aaron is an excellent nympher but also an excellent instructor- check out his article on the Raritan River on the Sept/Oct isuue of Eastern Fly Fishing, and also check his website at www.troutpredator.com- his forum is a wealth of advice, with the best thread about Czech Nymphing on the internet. Clinic cost is $75, paid in advance, non-refundable- it happens rain or shine. Bring your raincoat, waders & tackle so you can fish after the clinic & put your new found skills to use. Don't forget to bring a pen & pad of paper to take notes, there will be a lot of info thrown at you, as well as a simple nymph leader formula. Call the store at 860-672-1010 to sign up.

Sign the petition to stop the Yale Farm and save this valuable ecoysystem - here is the link for the petition - http://www.petitiononline.com/yalefarm/petition.html

Davy Wotton Clinic Nov. 1st & 2nd-

We are bringing Davy back again- his Wet Fly clinic this Spring was excellent, and now we are offering another 2 day clinic, this time focusing on nymphs, streamers & wets. It is looking like we will do one complete day of assorted nymphing techniques- Davy fished competitively in Europe for 15 years and is well versed in all types of nymphing, from indicator to Euro-style (Czech, Polish, Spanish & French). The 2nd day will be a mix of streamers & wets. This clinic will not include any fly tying, but rather will focus on his favorite techniques, his unusual/simple/effective rigging, the best tackle & his favorite flies. We are open to suggestion as far as modifying clinic ideas, he is capable of instructing on any elements having to do with any type of fly fishing. Davy has been a professional fishermen for almost his entire life, and is truly gifted when it comes to fishing. His years of experience and 200+ days on the water guiding each year on the White River system in Arkansas make him uniquely qualified to teach fly fishing, he truly is one of the best out there, period. He has fished in 40 countries and caught wild brown trout out of the White River up to 25+ pounds. The days will run 9AM-5PM & include lunch, cost will be $300 for the entire 2 day clinic.

Doing another shop trip to Montana this year, September 6th-12th, 2008- Torrey will lead this one. Fishing was excellent last year, with fish up to 26" landed by the group, everyone hooked (but not necessarily landed!) fish in the 24" class. You will have options to fish both private & public waters, from Spring Creeks, to Tailwaters, to Freestoners. Pictures from the '07 trip are posted from each of the 5 days of fishing - with some highlights - go to the photo-gallery - and then click on the links at the top of the page to view the fun.

**************************************** ****************************************

We are selling raffle tickets in the store to raise money for stocking trout in the Housy in '08. Most of our guides have again generously donated their services to sell tickets- it will be $20 to purchase a chance for a guided fishing trip on the Housatonic with one of them. We are also selling tickets for another $1,000 Gift Certificate and a Sage Z-Axis 9' #5 4pc. fly Rod, and our Sage rep Brad Gage is generously donating a Sage Switch rod for the raffle, an 11' #5 Z-Axis, a deadly rod for nymphs, wets & small to medium streamers, it can be both Spey or overhead cast (hence the "Switch" name). ************************************ ************************************* *************************************

Favorite Products for September:

-Climax Tippet Rings- Available & back in stock again, these are the bomb for rigging your leaders- gives you a quick & strong connection between your tippet & the leader. Connecting flouro to mono is no problem, nor is attaching radically dissimilar diameter lines. Putting new tippets on won't eat up your leader, so they last longer, and its quicker & easier to tie it on, saving you time, aggravation and keeps you fishing more and rigging less. Also these are fantastic for creating droppers, epecially on Czech nymphing and wet fly leaders- ask Torrey & he will show you how. Tippet rings are small enough to use on dry fly leaders(won't sink it), and are 20# test. Don't know how I lived without them all these years! Two thumbs up.

-Sage Bass Rods- We've gotten great reactions from people on these 2 new rods, both in 7'11" and coming in Smallmouth & Largemouth versions. Sage rates them according to grain weights, with the Smallmouth version rated for 290 grains, and the Largemouth is 330. They are designed a little shorter to come in at just under 8' to be legal for bass fishing tournaments and also to be more accurate. Both come with a special line designed specifically for that rod. They cast beautifully and will throw big, bulky flies very accurately into heavy cover. And uncharacteristically for Sage, they are priced at $350 for rod, custom fly line & rod case. Very nice rods, 2 thumbs up.

-Thingamabobbers- this just might be the ultimate strike indicator. Patterned after balloon indicators, it uses trapped air for floatation. High floating, as sensitive as yarn indicators, easier to cast, holds up as much weight as you need, easy to put on & take off, won't cast off. This is my current favorite indicator. 'Nuff said!

-Repel Lemon Eucalypus Insect Repellent Spray- If you are looking for a DEET alternative, something you feel safe putting on your skin or your kids, this is the best natural product on the market. Plant based, it gives you 6 hours of protection. We sell an insane amount of this stuff, people swear by it. Repels both mosquitos & ticks.

-Simms 3XDry clothing products- 3XDry treatment turns ordinary fabric into a high performance, wicking, quicker drying, stain resisttant product. Check out the Guide Shirt, Guide Shorts, and Superlight Zip-Off Pants. All are 3XDry & are perfect for the Summertime. The shirt is 100% cotton, very comfortable, and with the 3XDry it performs like a high-tech synthetic but with the comfort of all cotton. The shorts & pants are both perfect for Summer or tropical wear. Despite the Simms label, all 3 products are quite reasonably priced.

-"Vest Alternatives" from Fishpond & William Joseph- In my opinion, these 2 companies represent the finest choices for those of you who don't like traditional vests. A multitude of choices are available, using clever construction & state of the art fabrics. We are stocked up with all sorts of different options, from small to large, at all different price points. Somewhere on our Wall of Packs is the one for you.

-Simms Sandals- Whether you are looking for wading sandals with felt soles & toe protection, or just a very comfortable general use pair, Simms has you covered. Check out their River Sandals & Deck Sandals, we love 'em, own 'em & wear 'em.

-MonoMaster- this handy little device clips on your vest and quickly rolls up waste tippet & leaders and stores them out of the way to be diposed of later.

-Czech Nymph Leaders from Umpqua-We finally have these back in stock again- 8 1/2' 4x fluorocarbon with 2 droppers. The quick & easy way to get Czech nymphing- just loop on your line, and tie 2 or 3 flies to the leader, the fluoro droppers are already in place and can be easily replaced due to the construction using micro tippet rings. Non-stretch thin Power Pro superbraid in the upper part of the leader will get you down fast and give you excellent bite detection & hook-sets.


Torrey's books & videos for September:

New Books:

-Spring Creek Strategies- Hot off the press! Author Mike Heck is a well respected trout guide from South-Central PA, and he did a hell of a job on this book. Chock full of info with absolutely beautiful pictures. Mike covers food sources, flies to imitate them & proper techniques to fish them and fool the fish. Lots of original, fishy looking patterns & dressings. I really like this book.

-All The Best, Celebrating Lefty Kreh- This new release chronicles the amazing life of Lefty Kreh, surely the most famous fly fisherman in the United States, if not the world. Much of it was written by Flip Pallot ("Walker's Cay Chronicles), but there are numerous contributions by a whole slew of other angling luminaries. Lots of pix from his boyhood through current times, along with many, many entertaining stories, and even some commentary from Lefty himself. The man has had an incredible life, and this book is a fascinating read. If you are a fan of Lefty, you will love this book.

-Fool's Paradise, by John Gierach- Here's his latest book for all you fans, 211 pages of carefully crafted words. Enjoy his unique wit & wisdom as he chronicles his life of fishing and his philosphy of life.

-Basic Stream Flies- Shows you how to cover the maximum number of situations with the minimum number of flies. 28 patterns are shown, with basic fly info, when to fish it, types of water it works best in, how to rig it, how to fish it, and detailed tying and instuctions. Includes variations to cover different colors & species using the same style patterns. Spiral bound to lay flat on your tying bench. Just like Thoreau said, "Simplify, simplify".

-A Fisherman's Bible for the Farmington River- Author Pete Chadziewicz is a CT native who has fished the Farmington since he was a kid. This all color book covers over 100 different spots, giving you access info (including GPS coordinates), rates fishing pressure & wadeability, shows deep spots/shallow spots, and has pictures of the spots with reference to the location & angle it was shot from. Several hatch/fly charts are included, as well as a fishing tip on almost every page. If you want to expand your knowledge of the river and places to fish, this is an excellent resource.

-Czech Nymph- There's been an explosion of American interest in this short line nymphing technique that the Europeans (Czechs & Poles esp.) have been using to kick everyones' butts in International Fly Fishing Competition. This is the 1st book translated into English, and it covers all facets you need to know, and includes about 150 nymph patterns, tackle, tying the special flies/choosing hooks, leader construction (quite different than what we are used to), fishing techniques, strike detection, etc. If you wanna know all about Czech nymphing, this is THE book, period.

-3 Self Published books by John Mordock- "Capturing Rogue Trout", "A Fly Fisherman's Guide to Catskill Coldwater Streams and Ponds", and "Northeast Trout, Salmon, & Steelhead Streams". John is an out of the box thinker who has fished extensively through the Northeast (esp. the Catskills), out West, and in Canada. His books are an interesting combination of scientific/biological facts, fishery data, anecdotes, fishing methods/techniques, and personal experience/opinions. I particularly like his "Capturing Rogue Trout" book, partly 'cuz it has a bunch of my pictures in it! It covers methods, flies, places & seasons when/where you have a shot at catching bigger trout (16-20" plus) out of normal trout streams. The Catskill book is chock full of interesting & useful info, and the Northeast Trout, Salmon, & Steelhead book is just a fascinating read about rivers in our backyard- it even includes a chapter on the Housy.

-Fly-Fishing Guide to Upper Delaware River, by Paul Weamer- This is the most thorough, well done and comprehensive book I've seen on the Delaware. Weamer is a former managing partner of Border Waters Outfitters fly shop on the river, and has also had articles in Fly Fisherman and other publications. He is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company, and best known for his Truform series of hatch matching patterns. This book covers the entire fishery- the Main Stem, East and West Branches. Access (difficult if you don't know it), hatches and fly patterns, seasons, places to stay and eat, fly shops and guide services, shuttle and river flow info, nymph/dry fly/wet fly/streamer/night fishing strategies, equipment, etc., it's all in there. It would be relatively easy to plan a successful trip using this book as a resource, and if you haven't been there the pictures will make you want to go! Excellent book.

Favorite Books:

-Caddisflies, by Gary LaFontaine- still the all-time classic piece on Caddis in my opinion, this book is a plethora of information and a fantastic reference, I often find myself pulling it out to look something up. Remember too, Gary grew up & lived in CT before he moved to MT, so much of what he learned & the data presented was gleaned from his experiences in CT. All his books should be in a serious flyfisher's library. One of my favorites.


-Essential Trout Flies, by Dave Hughes- When prolific author and magazine editor (FF & Tying Journal) Dave Hughes puts pen to paper, it's always worth reading. Excellent book that will help you systematically create & tie a core collection of universal trout flies. Dave shows you how to take an organized approach to tying & filling your fly boxes with some great patterns that work almost everywhere. This book is a steady seller in the shop, and I highly recommend it. Dave's approach will make sure you have the right patterns and uncluttered fly boxes.


-European Nymphing, with Jack Dennis & Vladi- There is a strong & growing interest in the European style of nymphing, those guys kick ass during international competitions. Weighted flies on dropper(s), no indicator, and relatively short casts are all typically part of this deadly system of nymphing. This DVD covers several styles- Polish, Spanish & French. Vladi from Poland, the "Father" of Polish/Czech style nymphing, put this technique on the map in competition, easily outscoring entire teams all by himself. He demonstrates the Polish technique, as well as ties Polish woven nymphs and his deadly "Vladi Worm", aka the "Polish Condom Worm". The host of this DVD is Jack Dennis, coach of Team USA. French, Italian & Portuguese fly tyers also show you how to tie some of their personal favorites. If you master some of the techniques presented, you wil find yourself detecting way more strikes (indicators miss many) and hooking a lot more fish.

************************************ ************************************

Friday Weather:

68 degrees & sunny this AM, high 81, low 62, partly cloudy today. Long range forecast: highs mostly in the 70's, and lows mostly in the 40's to 50's.

*************************************** *****************************************



I have created a foundation for the Housatonic, a 501c3 - and all your donations will now be tax deductible - I will post more info later on. We are once again collecting donations to fund our private stockings of trout in 2008, for the Inner City Program of "No Child Left Inside", and also for conservation projects on the Housatonic. Thanks to all who supported the cause last year- it really helped noticeably improve the fishing. Also thanks to those who have donated already in 2008.



We showed several dozen 5-12 year old inner city kids from Hartford what fly fishing was about in Housatonic Meadows Park on Wednesday 7/30, and through your donations to our non-profit Friends of the Housatonic, we sent them all home with rods & reels- this was all done in conjuction with the DEP's No Child Left Inside Program. Eveyone involved had fun, from the kids to all the volunteers. A special thanks to Vicki & Dan from Smokin' Barbeque for providing luncy for the kids, and to volunteers from HRO, TU & the DEP.

One or two slots left in Torrey's Montana trip in September, contact the store for details at 860-6672-1010- conditions are looking fantastic for that trip, the best September water conditions in a decade or so. Some of the Alaska videos are up on the trips/fishing destinations page - have fun.

If you like catching these rainbow trout - please come to the store and buy a raffle ticket or make a donation to support the stocking, it's expensive - because a local Hatchery complained to our wholesaler in Pennsylvania - we are no longer able to get these quality fish at wholesale prices - we now have to go through another local hatchery - that also means a lot less money for the kid programs - Nice job - take money from the kids and the fishermen - Good news though - this hatchery is going to help us out and try and keep the costs down to help us give more moeny to the kids - anyone purchasing trout as individuals or clubs should use

- -Todd Bobowick Rowledge Pond Aquaculture Rowledge Pond Road Sandy Hook, CT 06482 203-426-6701 --- He is really trying to help - buy your fish from him - and the DEP has nothing but good things to say about him.

Check out Aaron's article on the Raritan River in the new issue of Eastern Fly Fishing that just came out, he did a great job on it. His next Nymph Clinic is Sunday, October 12th at 9AM- call the store at 860-672-1010 to sign up.

One last day of air temps in the 80's (81 degrees), and then much cooler for the rest of the long range forecast, with lows mostly in the 40's-50's. Water temps today will make bass the most active fish, they have been on the bite of late. With the warmer weather today, expect it to push the evening dry fly action closer to the edge of darkness- but with the rain Wednesday night, keep your eyes out for Flying Ants, they like to fall the day or so after a rain. All hell breaks loose when they hit the water. The warmer temps should really get the bass active- if you want to directly target them, fish bigger streamers, crayfish patterns & topwaters. If you want a shot at both trout & bass, nymph the faster runs with bigger nymphs such as Princes, Golden Stones & Iso's. We are down at a typical lower, early September flow, and I'm still getting lots of great fishing reports and experiencing good fishing myself. Hearing rumors of some very large trout getting caught on dries, both in & out of the TMA. I did great with dries Monday night, with a mix of Spring stocked browns, several larger rainbows up to 17", and a fat 16" holdover brown- I missed & saw some bigger ones. It was fast & furious, esp. from 7:30 'till it got dark around 8PM. Danny Marino & I fished Tuesday night for a few hours, Czech nymphing up some nice browns up to almost 18" (Danny got that one) and a ton of bass- the browns were all colored up with perfect fins. We got in place late for the dry fly action, but still managed some nice fish- I got an 18" 'Bow and Danny got a 17" 'Bow. Tons of bugs on the water once again last night, they came off later, prob due to the warmer daytime air temps. I had Black Caddis crawling all over me as it got dark. Keep your eye out for Flying Ants, it's that time of year. For those of you who want to play around with the Euro/Czech style nymphing, I'm slowly but surely expanding out our selection of tungsten nymphs- ask and I'll show you. Danny Marino, our local fishing celebrity (he's on Youth Fly Fishing Team USA) banged out two 20" Rainbows and a 17" brown while fishing dries last week- nice job Danny! Lots of bugs in the evenings- Iso's, Lt. Cahills/Summer Stenos, Black Caddis, small Olives, Fall Sulfurs/Heptagenia and some Flying Ants. Make sure you have some emergers, duns & spinners for the Mayflies to cover all the bases. Overall, the dry fly guys are doing better than the nymphers in the evenings- with the water at a normal late Summer level finally, the trout are really rising, and late afternoon 'till dark is the time to be there if you like dry fly fishing, and esp. the last half hour or so, it's been frenzied action some nights. Smallmouth are still in the mix, esp. at midday when they are at their most active and the trout fishing is slowest. You can find trout rising in all the pools at this 300cfs or so flow. Mornings with streamers & nypmhs have been good for the trout, and nymphing is very effective in the late afternoon to early evening time slot too (the bugs hatching in the evening get active & available to the trout subsurface around that time). Quite a few 17-18" Rainbows are getting caught, along with a few bigger 'Bows and a good number of 10-13" Browns and and occasional much bigger one. Evenings have been the fastest fishing of all. This has been an easy Summer for the trout, with great water temps & the water is now low enough that you can get into almost any spot. Finally the pictures at the top of the page match the hatches - conditions are perfect for this time of year - and everyone seems to be catching fish -how often does that happen?! I saw my first flying ant hatch recently - so have those ants ready - when they are on the ants - they usually want nothing else - a close ant in size imitation usually works and I tie a purple ant that is just a killer. Typically the Housy in September & October fishes better than the Farmington, and I see a lot of regulars from there migrate to our river around that time- look for Iso's, Flying Ants & Fall Sulfurs in September, and big hatches of Olives, esp. in October and into early November. The relatively cool, wet Summer has been easy on the trout and they held over well- should be a great Fall.

Remember, September/October are the months when we catch the really big pike that are trying to pack weight on before the winter, so schedule a trip if you can. With the cooler weather & morning temps - get out with your big streamers and start to work the runs - the rainbows are becoming very active and we have had some great reports from morning fishing excursions on streamers. We are setting up to have excellent Fall conditions - just perfect for our addition of 1000 fat rainbows below the TMA, these rainbows have been holding over nicely in areas where they are not being poached out and everyone said they fight like little steelhead. If we continue these stocking regimes for a few years, we could turn the area below the TMA into a great rainbow trout fishery - woohoo. We could use some donations for the fall stocking - it costs around $10,000/stocking to put these beautiful trout in the river. Try nymphing & tossing streamers for trout in the morning, and fish for the smallmouth at midday, and then the trout again with nymphs & dries in the late afternoon/evening. For Smallmouth, I like streamers, crayfish patterns, bigger nymphs, and topwaters. With the cooler water temps, you may find that the bass respond better sometimes to the more subtle presentations of dead-drifting crayfish & nymph patterns, esp. in the AM when water temps are lowest and the bass are lethargic. Experiment to see what works best. As water temps rise during the day, bass typically get more active. Harold had a great time in Alaska - Big Rainbows and Sockeye - some pics are posted on the destination page, and the digital videos are now up too - we are heading back next year on Sept 7th for a crack at the biggest 'Bows of the season, fish in the 30"+ range exceeding 10 pounds.

When conditions are right and the bite is on, you can rack up big numbers of bass on the Housy, probably more than just about any other smallmouth river I've ever heard of. Quite a few comments this season that the bass seem to be bigger than ever on average, I imagine Natural Flow has something to do with this- they seem to be really thriving since it was implemented. Pike have been a bit fickle this Summer, but having been mixing in the catches here and there. My favorite ways to catch bass are throwing big streamers (love the hard hits & ability to cover a lot of water fast), fishing crayfish patterns and nymphing with big stuff, or fishing topwater with poppers & other bass bugs. For smallmouth, usually there is no need to get up early, in fact they often fish better from late morning to early evening, when water temps are at their highest. This is the perfect time of year to drift the upper and lower sections for pike, carp and smallmouth - a big pike or carp puts a big bend in the flyrod.

I (Torrey) am bartending Thursday nights at the recently opened Smokin' Barbecue in West Cornwall (right next to RSVP), near the Covered Bridge, so stop by when you are done fishing, food is served 'till 10PM Thurs-Sat, and lunch is served on Saturdays & Sundays. Thursday night drink special: $2 Rolling Rocks.

Our Davy Wotton Wet Fly clinic this Spring was a resounding success, we were all BLOWN AWAY by Davy's tying & fishing abilities, he was truly amazing- even Aaron was totally impressed! For those of you who might be interested, I (Torrey) am going to set up a trip down to the White River system in Arkansas to stay & fish with Davy this Fall- he guides 200+ days a year down there, and has a small lodging facility. Call and ask to speak with Torrey if you are interested- 860-672-1010, the date isn't set yet but will be somewhere between September & November- an excellent time of year to fish down there, you have a chance of hooking 10-20# wild browns every day, conceivably even bigger.

We are trying to get the DEP to extend the TMA to include the section of the Housy from the Rt 7/Rt 4 Cornwall bridge down to at least North Kent, if not all the way down to the center of Kent. It's going to take a lot of angler support to accomplish this, the DEP seems to have mixed feelings. There is a trememdous amount of ideal trout water in that section, and it would be awesome to see it managed to it's potential.

Check out the pictures on the website from the shop MT trip in September '07- check out some of the big fish caught on both public and private water. Click on Photo Gallery under River Reports, and you will see the link. If the pictures from the trip have caught your attention, Torrey will be leading a trip to the same place during the same week in '08- call us to sign up for it at 860-672-1010. This trip produced numerous trout over 20" in beautiful, uncrowded settings. Everyone on the trip hooked into (but not necessarily landed!) trout up to the 2 foot range and beyond, with fish over 26" landed.

If any of you see fishermen violating the regulations on the Housatonic (keeping trout in the C&R area, spin fishing in the fly zone, keeping more than their limit, fishing thermal refuges, etc.), please call the DEP Turn in Poachers hotline at 860-424-3333 and report it or call the store and we will report it. Even if they cannot get an officer there in time, every violation we document can help us to get a designated conservation officer on the Housatonic in the future. They keep track of the statistics, and if there is enough of a need, we hope to eventually get someone regularly patrolling the river from April to October, when it is fished the most. Poaching has started to become a huge problem, two years ago we started to see a lot of fishermen keeping trout illegally, and taking over their limit of bass- most don't even have fishing licenses. Last year was the most poaching I've seen here by far, and it would be a shame to see damage to the great fishery we currently have going. I'm routinely seeing & hearing about people taking trout out of the Park, Cellar Hole, Dun Rollin', Horse Hole, Shear Hole, and Push-Em-Up, among others- usually they are spin fishing with bait or using hand lines. Some people are fishing illegally out of ignorance, but many know what they are doing and will "play dumb" when confronted. The whole C&R area is clearly marked with multiple signs. Please do your part and report any violations you see. Thanks, it all helps in the long run.

A note on etiquette. In recent seasons, we are seeing more and more fishermen who crowd others and do not seem to be aware of proper etiquette. Nobody likes it when they have a big chunk of water to themselves and somebody steps in 20-30 feet away, and starts casting to the fish they are working on. When you approach a piece of water that another fisherman is occupying, ask yourself how far you would want someone to stay away if you were there first- try to stay at least a cast and a half away if possible. And DO NOT EVER throw to the same fish or water that another person is fishing, even if you can reach it. That is a HUGE no-no, do not be surprised if you get yelled at or get your ass kicked if you do that to someone- I'll have no sympathy for you. The Housy is a big river, and there is plenty of water for people to fish, even on a popular weekend. If the spot you want to fish is occupied, don't crowd that person, just go elsewhere. Believe me, there are TONS of fish (and big ones) all over the upper and lower TMA's, and outside of them also. Don't fish Corner Hole, Sand Hole, Cellar Hole, etc. on a busy Saturday at prime time and expect to have solitude- the easy access spots almost always hold the most fishermen. The Upper TMA is somewhere in the vicinity of 10 miles or so, and the lower one is about 2.5 miles, giving us all plenty of water to spread the pressure out in. Just make sure to practice courtesy and common sense, and treat other fishermen as you would like to be treated, and it will be a better experience for everyone.


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Housatonic River Outfitters- Donates more than 1% of Gross Sales to Environmental Causes, Youth Organizations,Women's Groups, Local Charities and other Non-profit agencies

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