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Fishing this week has been great.

Mostly good box fish. Drifting produced better fish up to 7lbs but anchoring for long got the smaller fish and Sandies coming in.

Remember "wind is your friend"

Windy days make bait catching better, especially if it is from the South. It also make drifting the flats more productive. I love drifting in 18ft water just dragging the shad along the bottom. Much better fish that way.

If it is a calm day, I'll anchor up on the river ledge in 40-65ft of water and wait for the fish to come by 8 out of 10 times they come by pretty quick. Lots of fish being caught. 40-80 fish in a couple hours has been the norm the last couple weeks. Lots of guides are doing doubles. Catching 50 fish a trip and being done by noon.

The lake rising won't affect the fish but the muddy water will. Bait catching in muddy water will be harder and fishing in muddy water will be tough. Stay in the cleanest water you can find.

Lures are starting to work if you like that type of fishing.LOL Bait still rules!

Still on the water at 2:30 to catch bait.

Lot's of debris going to be floating around out there for a couple weeks at least, so be careful.

I'm hearing of top water action but I've yet to see any in the morning from Washita Point North.

Still not picking up any catfish while on anchor but that should start happening any time now.

At least half of the fish I'm cleaning are done with the spawn and the others are in the process.

Shad are now squirting eggs when you handle them so they are in full spawn also. This extra water will help all that so it is worth the temporary hassle. The gill net survey looked good again this year so all in all It is looking to be another great year of fishing on Texoma. Let's go get em.

Just a reminder...with the upcoming warmer weather, holidays and top water action heating up, there will be the usual increase in boats on the water. Please remember to keep your lights on in the mornings hours and to play nice. Don't come too close to anchored boats and if boats are drifting, try not to run through their drifting paths. Just be aware and go around if at all possible.

How do I know if a boat is drifting? you ask. If the wind is blowing and a boat is not pointing into the wind, he is drifting. Give the path he is drifting into a wide berth of a hundred yards or so if you can. Go around him upwind not downwind of him. That way you don't run through the fish he is about to drift through with your motor on. Especially in shallower waters, that will run the fish off.

Thanks guys. Be safe.

Fish Species: Striped Bass, Sand Bass
Bait Used: Live Shad
Tackle Used: Abu Garcia baitcaster
Method Used: drifting and on anchor
Water Depth: 18-60
Water Temperature: 62
Wind Direction: South
Wind Speed: 15-30
Good sized box fish. lots of fun.
Good sized box fish. lots of fun.

Fish caught on one anchor, as fast as they could get baited up.
Fish caught on one anchor, as fast as they could get baited up.

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James Allen

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