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 Date: August 29th, 2012

 Name: Lake Baccarac Lodge

 Hottest Baits: topwater and crankbaits

 Hottest Colors: crankbaits, pearl and purple db-22

 Date Fished: August, 2012

 Comments: 08/29/2012 We arrived last Thursday, the 23rd of August, at the lodge. The 23rd produced unbelievable topwater action, with no rains but heavy, heavy cloud cover and enough humidity to choke you. We caught somewhere in the neighborhood of nine to twelve fish over 10lbs. on topwater. Huge rains arrived that afternoon. On Saturday and Sunday, the 25th and 26th, Lake Baccarac rose over ten feet although they caught a few bass, they were mostly small ones and the fish has scattered. By Monday, they located largemouth in Papachaw and caught most of our fish in deep water with 8 inch plum and purple worms. The lake is in great shape, currently standing about 60% capacity with plenty of rains coming. looking for 4 people out of Amarillo any time the first 2 week of October --private flight flying direct

 08/21/2012 Eddie Bezler reports: We had a great morning bass fishing bite followed by a very slow afternoon bite all three days. Ten to eleven foot diving bomber crankbaits would produce fish whereas the deep diving crankbaits were too big for their liking on this trip. Topwater was always good early morning but not like I've had in trips past. We fished a lot with the Zipper worms and had moderate success. The rains in the afternoon were much needed for the fishermen but the largemouth bass did not seem to care much for biting after the rains. All four bass anglers in our group did catch a fish over 10 lbs. and we all caught four or five fish over 9 lbs. There were plenty of 6 to 7 lbers caught. I would guess we all caught fifty fish apiece in that range. This is the second time we have flown our plane into Mexico still nothing there to give any heartburn and will do it again.

 08/09/2012 Big fish...big fish ....big fish,,,,,, Albert Torres catching plenty of big ones...6 over 9 and 2 over 10 TODAY!

 08/05/2012 As of today's date, the lake is now higher than at any point during the entire last season. Having the afternoon rains up in the mountains, the lake is filling up nicely. The last couple of groups are still finding a few big fish, big fish being over 10 lbs., an incredible number of nines, but the fish are skinny. A month ago, these would have been 10 lb. fish. We still have plenty of rainy weather coming our way and the chance for a couple of big hurricanes. Manuel has the lodge ready to accommodate the group that arrives today, and for anybody else who would like to get down there, we look forward to having you.

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
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