Quite the crowd on Lake St. Catherine. Barbeques, chili, hot coffee and other refreshments were some of the highlights of the day. Most of the fish caught early, before 11 am. Tip ups with shiners and minnows in 25-35 feet of water seemed to be the most productive. 12-14" brown trout was the norm but but browns up to 4lbs and pike up to 8lbs were caught. There were also some 6-8" perch mixed in. Jigging was less productive.

Ice houses made it easier to stay out for the day. The sun was elusive. Many hearty folks braved the weather anyway.

Fish Species: Brown Trout; Northern Pike; Perch
Bait Used: shiners, minnows, jigs
Tackle Used: tip ups; 25
Method Used: hook bait in front of dorsel fin
Water Depth: 25-35 feet
Water Temperature: ice
Wind Direction: w
Wind Speed: 5-15mph
Jeff, 15.5
Jeff, 15.5

Tyler, 15.5
Tyler, 15.5

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