Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report 8/23/09

Fall-like weather this past week really keeps vacationers, shopkeepers and fisherman on their toes. As our moods change so it is with other creatures.

Walleyes are moving around the waters straying from expected patterns. Averages for this past week puts the "eyes" between 24 - 32'; jig-and-minnow folks might find some deeper. Finally as expected, the walleyes are suspending about 3 - 4' off the bottom—not sitting tight on the bottom as before.

Bait selections vary per angler, with my selection still favoring leeches. At this point of the season, however, nearly all offerings have merit as fall closes in for real.

Northern pike are finally showing some aggressive behavior. Some good presentations are pike lures such as Suicks, husky jerks, big spoons, and buzz baits in 12 - 18' over and amongst the weeds in windward bays.

Smallmouth bass are chasing baitfish and crayfish. Rock-piles and weed-lines are both kickin' out nice fish and sometimes multi-species.

With unpredictable weather and fishing presentations, slip-sinker rigs, or lindy rigs or bottom bouncers all accomplish the same task--that is keeping your bait near the bottom in the strike zone. Artificial lures being trolled must do the same.

Areas near the Martin islands, Cuculus, Blundt and Yoder are good choices for deeper locations. Try Center Reef, Harris, Ram and Sheep islands for shallower choices.

Northern pike will be in the bays amongst or near the weeds--Lost, Nebraska, Blind Ash, and Daily bays all good locations.

Come up and enjoy the fishing and beauty of our waters. Leaves may turn most anytime.

See you soon!

Phil and Ellen Hart

Gateway General

Lake Kabetogama

(218) 875-2121



Fish Species: Walleye, Northern, Smallmouth
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