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Using GPS To Catch More Fish

The advent of GPS technology for navigation has changed drastically how many fishermen fish today. More and more fishermen are using GPS technology; even though most of us still have our paper maps in our boat stowed away somewhere; but, once you use the new GPS technology with a Fishing Hot Spots Map, it will be harder and harder to pull out the old paper map.

Many of us have been reluctant to add GPS maping to our must-have fishing electronics because of the thought of having to learn how to operate the somewhat complicated device. In all honesty it will require some study of the provided manual and most likely some one-on-one with someone who already understands the functions of the unit and how to use it.

ESPN now has a site where you can actually try these Fishing Hot Spots Maps chips for many lakes online. Here you can see how much detail is available on each map and you can purchase the chip with the map for your GPS unit. You might want to visit this site while the weather is so cold and see first hand how GPS plus a Fishing Hot Spots Map chip can increase your fish production while on the Lake. Even if you don't buy a GPS unit, you can study these maps online and learn many things about the lake you fish. The one for Lake Conroe is great!

A GPS unit can do some marvelous things for your fishing. By marking underwater structure such as creek channels, road beds, pond dams, old building structures, contour breaks, river patterns and spots where you have caught nice fish in the past. Having these places marked, you can return exactly to the same place time and again - whether it's daylight or dark.

GPS units display information on an LCD panel. These displays make it easier to read maps on the receiver and help you distinguish between different routes you have created in the same area. Most GPS units will show your latitude, longitude, altitude, surface speed, sunrise and sunset times, odometer and a "accuracy warning system."  By using a Fishing Hot Spots Map Chip, you can actually see your position on the Lake in relation to the various reading you are seeing on the map. Drive right up to a pond dam or old railroad tram, drop your buoy marker and know you are in the exact right spot.

Below are some of the functions that a fisherman can enjoy when using a GPS unit with a Fishing Hot Spots Map

"GPS Way Point Capability" allows you to record certain way points (locations along your path or on your map). Your GPS will then guide you from way point to way point as you search for fish in areas that you have had good success in the past.

"Track Logging" allows you to record your path as you move. This is very useful if you want to backtrack or document your exact route for future use. This function is very helpful if you are trolling on the Lake and begin to catch fish in a particular area. The tracking allows you to turn around and go back on the exact same path again and will also give you an opportunity to zoom in and study the topography of the bottom where you are trolling.  It might be another place you want to place a "Way Point".

All of this may seem unnecessary to those fishermen that have never used a GPS unit. Main lake points, underwater pond dams, old lakes, road beds with markings on shore, etc. are pretty easy for most fishermen to find just looking at their paper map and watching their depth finders; but, those really neat places out in the middle of the Lake are much harder to find without GPS and a good Fishing Hot Spots Map chip.

Visit ESPN online and acutually try these Fishing Hot Spots Maps chips for yourself.

You can check out several different kinds of GPS units at the below locations:

Lowrance Electronics - GPS Product Guide

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