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Well we made it into the New Year and I hope your Holiday Season was joyous! As you will recall, last year El Salto receded to its lowest level in history. The fishing was terrific but we really needed a good rainy season. We received the rain we needed but the lake rose 40' too quickly! The new foliage on the shoreline was covered with water and as it decomposed it took oxygen out of the water causing the bass to suspend making the fall fishing very difficult. In addition to the bass being suspended, there was an abundance of shad.

The lake is on a nice drop and the fishing is getting better by the week. One of the things we did this fall to compensate for the slow fishing was to offer our anglers an opportunity to come into MZT and try some light tackle (Anglers Inn style) fishing. Those who took us up on our offer were treated to some wonderful action catching Jack Crevalle in the 5-20 pound range. It was as simple as running a Zara Spook through an acre of feeding Jacks and hold on! They were also treated to the fighting, rod bending of Rooster Fish to 40 pounds. The light tackle fishing makes a fun filled day just a few hundred yards off the hotels along the beach.

Mazatlan is one of the few places in the world that offers wonderful freshwater and saltwater fishing from the same destination. If you think you would like using bass gear and tackle on aggressive fish, then I recommend that you consider adding a couple of days on to your bass Package to experience the light tackle action. Anglers Inn Offshore has its own private VIP dock, tackle shop, office, inshore boats/ cruisers and beachfront hotels. Couple this with the Anglers Inn unparalleled service and it is another experience not to be overlooked.

Thankfully the bass fishing has rebounded and will continue to do so the remainder of 2011. We are reporting catches of 30-50+ bass/day/boat and the fish look very healthy. In tough fishing situations it seems that the experienced anglers are doing better than the less experienced folks but things are starting to even out. The bite has been extremely light so you have to be on your toes or miss the fish. So far the best baits have been 5-6' Senkos (watermelon and watermelon red flake), 8' Zoom Lizards (same colors), small swim baits (white bellies), crank baits (citrus pattern) and Rat L Traps (silver with blue back). We have had little topwater action so far this season. Throughout the fall we have had a good number of 7, 8, 9 pounders with a few double-digit bass in the mix. Here's what some of our recent anglers have to say about their visit at Anglers Inn:

Larry and Tom Gray, father and son team and repeated visitors to Anglers Inn reported catching 150 bass in 3 days of fishing. Texas rigged watermelon lizards were the most productive during their stay. Jill & Steve Svrcek from Minnesota came down with Lisa and Jeffrey Harber. In 4 days of fishing they estimated catching 180 fish with the biggest being 7 lbs. on Texas rigged and Carolina rigged lizards. Lisa and Jeffrey reported catching 150-200 bass during their stay. Their biggest bass was an 8 pounder. "Outstanding operation, best service I've received anywhere! Very nice people. We will be back!

The fishing at Mateos is pretty much the same as El Salto except better numbers. Folks seem to really enjoy the Mateos Resort, the private/separated accommodations, food, service and the 55,000-acre lake with its minimal fishing pressure. I recommend that you give Mateos a try and you will become a convert. In that light, we are offering a get acquainted with Mateos Resort special price of $1,690 / angler for the 4 Night/3 &1/2 Day Deluxe Package. You will not be disappointed!

Anglers Inn International is proud to announce the newest, most efficient and evolutionary guide boat coming soon to our Lake El Salto operation. When I pondered the design of this revolutionary guide boat my goal was client comfort, safety and fish-ability coupled with maximum storage with the guide directing the boat from the rear. With this goal in mind, and with the help of professional engineers and designers, we have created a new 18'6" aluminum hull boat that is like none other. With more deck space, length, width, storage space, elevated fishing seats, front & rear trolling motors, stabilizers, and an electronics package this fishing machine is in a class by itself. "Join Us" at Anglers Inn Resort at World Class Trophy Lake El Salto to experience first-hand the new concept in guided boats!

Exciting news! Anglers Inn International has created an exclusive floating mobile suite operation in Brazil. Located in the interior of the Brazilian Amazon we access to 12 major river systems and some concession Indian sanctuaries. In exceeding the ordinary, we are entirely mobile and to that extent, our customers will be fishing beyond all natural barriers. You can only reach the Anglers Inn Amazon Floating mobile Suites by floatplane or jet boat. We are in an area that cannot be reached by conventional river Boat operations. The Floating Mobile Suites are moving up the Rio Negro now and will be into position by the end of January. We are in the process of doing our final tune ups on the operation and I will report back at the end of February with updated photos, videos and more specifics! Anglers inn Amazon will have a long season because of our mobility and will operate peacock bass fishing adventures from August 2011 to early March, 2012. Get ready for an ultimate adventure!

Give us one shot at your family vacation. For more info or for booking your next Anglers Inn International adventure at either Lake El Salto, Lake Mateos or a saltwater fishing trip Call Today.

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