Multiple Perch "Jumbos" over 10, 11 & 12 inches were the norm in our Perch tally - 86 pounds! Excellent job guys!

Even though we catch them year round, Lake Erie's yellow perch get special attention around the first of August and for good reason. They are delicious to eat and sell in local Lake Erie fish markets for $14 per pound...if you can even find them to buy.

Successful Lake Erie yellow perch catches depend on a number of different combinations which are productive for the perch anglers. But, seriously folks...location is key...since finding the Jumbo Yellow Perch requires some serious homework.

Capt's Tip:

Many different rigs are used when Lake Erie Yellow perch fishing. Single hooks, spreaders, crappie rigs and "droppers" (similar to crappie rigs) are among some of the favorites for perch "jerkers." I personnally use "Spreaders" with Tru-turn hooks on my Yellow Perch rigs.

Different rod combinations are used, with 5' - 6' ultra-light and light rods being very productive. Sometimes with heavy wave conditions and deeper water, a little heavier rod is more effective. Sometimes.

Various sinker weights can be used to get the bait to the bottom, from 1/2 to 1 1/4 ounces.

[u]Our Spreader rigs and tackle included:[/u]

Flat round or Bell sinkers work best with "Spreaders" and pyramid sinkers have been effective on the single hook and "dropper" rigs. Snelled central draught hooks in the 26 to 30 size range are effective on spreaders.

Fire-tiger bladed spreaders were more productive than silver or gold bladed rigs...4-10 inches off the bottom.

Perch fishing is great for a family and this trip with Jay "bird" and crew would yield my best Yellow Perch fishing day, to date....for the 2009 season.

Everyone does not have to be an expert at using a spinning rod and reel. Watch your rod tip and you can catch a lot of perch! Don't forget how great those fish taste on a cold winter evening. Many people prefer Lake Erie's yellow perch over any other fish they eat. I know it is one of my abolute favorites.

Fantastic werather, great fishing, and super company made this a trip to remember. Thanks Jay, JJ, Brina, & Al.

Capt. Rick

Fish Species: Yellow Perch
Bait Used: Emerald Shiners
Tackle Used: Perch Spreaders
Method Used: Vertical Jigging
Water Depth: 34
Water Temperature: 75
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Speed: 5-15
Lake Erie yellow perch fishing frenzy with Erie Quet Charters, Aug. 2009
Lake Erie yellow perch fishing frenzy with Erie Quet Charters, Aug. 2009

Happy Indiana angler shows off his Lake Erie Yellow Perch
Happy Indiana angler shows off his Lake Erie Yellow Perch

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