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Browse Recent Lake Lewisville Texas Fishing Reports

Slow cold day but productive by David Cox (12/07/2008)
A slow and cold day on Lake Lewisville, but a productive day! We were able to locate fish and boat 25 Sandies and 3 Hybrids.
More Sandies by David Cox (11/29/2008)
Big schools of big Sandies on the main lake points ready for you to catch.
Piles of Sadies by David Cox (11/02/2008)
Had a trip on Sunday morning amd limited out on Sandies before lunch. In time to watch some football.
Settling in by Trent Barnes (6/09/2007)
Fish are settle in to a consisten Pattern with the weather getting a little stabler. @5-30 foot transition areas and Humps,points, are producing Nice fish n Live bait, The sandies are really aggressive on Slabs
Hammer Time by Trent Barnes (5/29/2007)
Fish are slaming Jigs and Slab combos and it is quite a battle to get two fish to the boat. Really works the drag! The area around drop offs and Humps are producing good fish!
OVER DRIVE by Trent Barnes (5/21/2007)
Hybrids Hybrids by Trent Barnes (5/18/2007)
Location and location the fish are attacking baits on main lake points off in about 20 foot of water
Action is Fast and Steasy by Trent Barnes (5/14/2007)
Hybrids are stacking up in humps again Slabs in the areas, Pump the bottom closer to the structure 2.0 oz Chat/White
Top Water Bonanza Close by Trent Barnes (5/12/2007)
Fish are chasing Bait to top and are realy close to being ready for top water bite on chugs.Structure and bait locations with water up 10 feet is key.
RETURNING TO NORMAL by Trent Barnes (5/07/2007)
Wind is Your Friend by Trent Barnes (4/21/2007)
20 plus SW winds has made fishing better on wind blown points with spinners.Dont let wind run you off.
Fast and Fun by Trent Barnes (4/16/2007)
The fishing is starting to really pick up after the last cold front and winds are settling down. Fished for Hybrids this week with Live bait and Swim baits and schooling whites
Easter Fish JHunt Little Elm Arm Lake Lewisville by Trent Barnes (4/09/2007)
With temp Drops the Fish are still active in chasing bait on main lake humps
Spawners onthe Move by Trent Barnes (4/02/2007)
The late spawners are on lake points in Wind blown...The Early Spawners have move to the main lake humps.
Streak Continues by Trent Barnes (3/26/2007)
The fishing continues to be outstanding and alot of big fish. I can not remember a year like this in the las 5.
Pictures Of Hybrid Sripers by Trent Barnes (3/20/2007)
These are a some pictures that have been taken the last 2 weeks and thought you might ant to see.
Rolling for Big Hybrids by Trent Barnes (3/20/2007)
4 fish over 10lbs this week and the 4 inch sassy with a 1oz jig white oe yellow is the ticket
Bang Bang Fish on by Trent Barnes (3/13/2007)
The big Hybrids are finally schooling together. Found large schools in pass chasing bait and hook ups on every cast.
Running Wild by Trent Barnes (3/12/2007)
Hybrids and Sandies are running Wild at the creeks entries and mouths of feeder creeks.
Headed up the Creeks by Trent Barnes (3/10/2007)
Spawn run has started in North Texas fr sandies and they are stacked up in creek mouths, If you wanted rod bender hury!
Hammering Hybrids by Trent Barnes (3/07/2007)
The game is one fishing with bait in midday and the small swim bait jig in silver in late afternoon. Look for warm water 57 degrees and 20 TO 25 FT water.
Time To Go Fishing by Trent Barnes (3/06/2007)
water Temps going up Fast and fish are getting active.Slow retrieve small swim bait,Watch water temp
Lakes Waking Up by Trent Barnes (3/02/2007)
The fishing is steady but the pace will get real good in the next 10-14 days.The spawn is close. Live bait and Jigs are working when the wind has not been plus 25
Will Cold Hold by Trent Barnes (2/19/2007)
The last 2 weeks have been tough with the weather making big shift from Week to week,No real aggressive fish.You just have to Locate and stay with them!
Stripers Awake by Trent Barnes (2/12/2007)
Fishing is improving as water temp inch up towards 50 degrees. Slow presentation and using electronics. In creek channels.