Fished everyday of above dates and locations wading and floating. All days were 15 fish days; with a 20" Brown the prize of the week. Had Targets all day long. Fish were feeding on top and just under the surface film on aforementioned from 11A til 6P. Had the most success with Nastazi type 18 Caddis pupa/emrger tan and gray bodies in the faster moving water with the 18 sulpher comparadun second best. In the slower (NOT dead water pools) the 18 sulpher dry was the ticket. The 5x 9' leader.

Wind gusting was the only problem but not when fishing the emergers just under the film.

As I've said for the Delaware System for over 30 years: DRAG FREE FLOAT! Only givem a 4' "Look" then after the fly is past your target lift and cast again.

Sorry no pics. I rarey take a fish out of the water to degourge and release.

Fish Species: Brown & Rainbows
Bait Used: size 18 tan caddis and 16-18 sulpher mayflys
Tackle Used: flyrod 9' 5wt
Method Used: fly
Water Depth: 2 - 6'
Water Temperature: Avg. 56
Wind Direction: NW to NNW
Wind Speed: 0 to 5 to 10

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