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East Cape, intermission is overby Mark Rayor (10/22/2013)
Now the popular tournaments have passed, the crowds have exited and the intermission the game fish have taken is over. Sailfish and dorado have taken center stage off shore providing anglers continuous action. Wahoo have also been a great surprise for many.
East Cape, couldn't buy a biteby Mark Rayor (10/17/2013)
Our fishing conditions are very strange right now. The Sea of Cortez is 85 degrees. The water is blue and clear with bait puddling everywhere. The game fish are here, we can see them. Marlin and sailfsih tailing, dorado and wahoo are swimming in plain sight. They are just very lethargic and not agressive when baits are presented. I have no explanation except that it is fishing and they just don't bite all the time.
Taking care of business, oh yeah!by Mark Rayor (8/21/2013)
A strategy that is working well is planing longer days. We just camp out on the fish and wait for the other boats to leave. Without fail as soon as the others drive away the fish pop. Spending a couple of extra hours and working over time is paying off.
In the dark of the moonby Mark Rayor (8/13/2013)
It is a little odd that coming off the dark of the moon game fish don't want to go. It kind of shoots down the full moon theory as the last 2 full moons have been full speed fishing. I believe it is because there is so much squid in the water. If you ate Snickers bars all day you might not want lunch.
A non-eventby Mark Rayor (7/08/2013)
Hurricane Cosme that skirted us 2 weeks ago did turn the water in shore upside down and made it cold and ugly green. There is a hard break at about 20 miles and game fish are piled up out there just waiting to put anglers to the test. Marlin, dorado, tuna and an occasional wahoo are all on the menu.
Moon is bright, fish wana Mark Rayor (6/24/2013)
Now yellowfin tuna have arrived on the scene as well. Several schools of spotted dolphin have moved in all holding tuna. Most of the tuna are pee wee size but hit the right school and there are some bruisers Yesterday a 176 pounder was brought to the scale. A few good grade wahoo are also mixed in feasting on football tuna.
Missing in actionby Mark Rayor (6/05/2013)
It has been an outstanding week with sailfish, striped marlin, dorado and wahoo providing an incredible amount of action. A huge volume of gamefish are spread out off shore over most of East Cape's waters. Boats can head out off shore in almost any direction and find fish. The key is finding bottle nose porpoise and storm petrols working. Find the birds and the porpoise and the fish are sure to be close by.
One picture is worth a thousand wordsby Mark Rayor (5/29/2013)
The East Cape has lit up! It is report time and I'm out of words. Just going to let TODAYS photos do the talking.
Any which way but looseby Mark Rayor (5/21/2013)
Conditions couldn't be nicer with warm sunny days, calm seas and tidy bowl blue water pushing 80 degrees. The sea is alive with huge spots of bait, turtles and manta rays. Striped marlin dorado and wahoo are all on the prowl. The only fish noticeably missing for this time of year is yellowfin tuna. They showed up late last year and it looks like this is going to be another late appearance.
It was a mixed bagby Mark Rayor (4/23/2013)
A few boats in the area off Punta Pescadero had double and triple hookups on marlin in the late afternoon as the fish charged the jigs.
Hello sistaby Mark Rayor (4/14/2013)
We ran across the largest pod of orcas I have ever encountered. It was the first time I have ever seen 3 males in one group. Strange? We didn't see any sea lions that day
Every dog has their dayby Mark Rayor (4/07/2013)
This week I'm finding it hard to gather my thoughts to write a report. Trying to keep it positive I can say the weather has been gorgeous. Comfortable temperatures and dead flat seas. There has also been hoards of sea life. Humpback whales are near shore in Palmas Bay and putting on a show for anybody who cares to watch. This week we also sighted huge schools of porpoise and many sea turtles. That was the good news.
Moon is brightby Mark Rayor (3/30/2013)
The good news is the fish from the south are moving this way. Yesterday we ran down south and ended up meeting boats from Cabo San Lucas in the middle. By the end of the day we had chased marlin all the way back to Los Frailes. I just hope they stay hungry.
It was a shake downby Mark Rayor (3/21/2013)
With limits we decided to just meter around and make bait for the following day. The bait always seemed to be ganged up just a few hundred yards away from the grouped up pangas. Making bait was easy except that the yellowtail kept hitting the bait we had just hooked on our sabikis. We tore up several bait rigs and lost a few sinkers but soon our tank was plugged.
Gooood Morrrning Sea of Cortez!by Mark Rayor (3/14/2013)
Just a bit further off shore tailing striped marlin are being sighted in packs from south of Los Frailes to north of Pescadero. I also received a report that a friend of ours fished the Pacific side from Cabo yesterday and limited on Yellowfin tuna.
Good karmaby Mark Rayor (2/17/2013)
Last week we finally finished winter maintenance on the Jen Wren boats. Hot to trot I have been waiting for calm weather to launch Jen Wren III and get in on the yellowtail bite. Licking my chops getting ready to launch I discovered a hummingbird nesting under the bow pulpit of the boat.
East Cape-Pumped upby Mark Rayor (1/01/2013)
We have been hard at Jen Wren maintenance but I have gotten fishing reports that the bite is outstanding on the odd day when boats can get out. Dorado, marlin and sailfish are all in the mix off La Ribera. I spoke with one skipper that landed 4 wahoo a couple days ago. Also early mornings walking the beach I'm watching sierra mackerel busting large schools of bait. Pounding surf just hasn't allowed tin boaters to get out after them.
It's all about opportunityby Mark Rayor (12/23/2012)
It is interesting how both have completely different styles. Graham is very calculated, precise and is alway analyzing the situation. He sets up most of his shots making the skipper move the boat until the light is right, getting the anglers set and also adjusting the settings on his camera to capture the moment best. Nilsen is the exact opposite. He draws his camera like a six shooter and blasts away.
Last one standingby Mark Rayor (12/08/2012)
We landed three 200 pound class tuna and broke one off. Our average fight time on these monsters was 30 minutes a fish. I tribute that not only to experienced fishermen but also the great tackle and all Accurate reels the Great White is equipped with.
Sea of Cortez-East Cape, Alice's Restaurantby Mark Rayor (11/13/2012)
We are having fun now! With jungle rules we were able to pass the rod. Fighting big tuna puts a man to the test.
Different strokesby Mark Rayor (11/05/2012)
More than 21 years ago I pulled the plug on my Los Angeles based real estate brokerage and move to Buena Vista. It all looked good on paper but the truth be known when it actually came time to kill the golden goose that had provided so well for my family, and start packing personal belongings to move to a foreign country my palms got really sweaty.
Don't point that thing at me, alive and well in Bajaby Mark Rayor (10/31/2012)
Many of us believe our government doesn't do a lot of things right but I have to say the efforts to save the endangered sea turtles has been an incredible success. Several years ago there was a huge campaign with notices posted, television ads and radio spots run with the message "take a turtle and go to jail". The Feds have been very serious and vigilant. I think a pedophile would have a less severe penalty then a turtle poacher from what I have seen.
East Cape Classicby Mark Rayor (10/26/2012)
The event is loads of fun and for a good cause. Below I have posted a few photos shot from Jen Wren III during the event
It's the wiggleby Mark Rayor (9/16/2012)
A few years ago while Ben Secrest was here fishing with us on Jen Wren he handed me a couple of Halco Laser Pro lures. He seemed to be pretty excited about the Aussie made lures and asked me to give them a try. Looking at them I thought to myself hey Benny, we live in Jurassic Park. These things look like something I would fish for striped bass on Lake Mead.
SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO NOW?by Mark Rayor (8/21/2012)
Then the rain stopped and the tuna popped. The bite has been a little different every day but boats willing to go the distance and take the time have been rewarded with limits. The fish have been from 20 to 35 miles off shore. Sometimes we are finding them with spotted dolphin and sometimes they are just breezing.
WEATHER OR NOT!by Mark Rayor (8/15/2012)
It was almost on this date one year ago we experienced similar conditions. On that date the rain didn't keep our fishermen back. They were rewarded with a killer day landing tuna and billfish.
HELLO AUGUST!by Mark Rayor (8/06/2012)
It is my opinion and observation that our season has finally kicked into gear but it is about a month behind. We are normally knee deep in Yellowfin starting early May but this year they didn't arrive until June. Traditionally blue marling fishing turns on early July but it didn't happen this year until August. Looking ahead it is going to be interesting to see what fall brings.
Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Report: Tuna are backby Jeff deBrown (8/05/2012)
The Tuna bite is back and dorodo are off the lighthouse. We are seing numbers of fish in the area.
EAST CAPE BLUESby Mark Rayor (7/30/2012)
The weather has been about as nice as it can get. The water is 82 to 84 degrees and a beautiful purple blue. There is loads of flying fish, and birds everywhere. I just keep waiting for the bite to explode.
TAKEN BY STORMby Mark Rayor (7/16/2012)
Shortly after the waterspout dissipated we found ourselves in a severe thunder storm with torrential rain. The sound of thunder over our heads was deafening. The storm passed quickly leaving Diego and myself drenched in the bridge. A few minutes later a beautiful rainbow appeared.
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