Bob Mauldin

Date: March 16th, 2012

Name: Lake Baccarac Lodge

Hottest Baits: crank baits, pearl and purple db-22

Hottest Colors: spinnerbaits, senkos, topwater ( rico poppers ) watermelon lizards

Date Fished: March, 2012

Comments: 03/15/2012 The Lake Baccarac big bite is still on! Bill Benson and Jack Mocnik land bass again over 10 pounds - Shin and Ric get big fish and numbers - Dave McKinney group of 8 having good luck for bigger largemouth. If you have a chance right now is good time to come to Baccarac...if you have a trip booked for later in the season try to move it up>>>if you are looking for a trophy bass

03/14/2012 Bill Benson catches a 10.1 Jack Mocnik catches 10.5 big bass are biting

03/06/2012 to 03/13/2012 The past six days have been nothing but phenomenal for big fish at Lake Baccarac! I don't think I have ever seen a week similar to this. To the best of my ability, I am going to list names and the size fish each person caught. I think I'm accurate with the exception of a couple of people. Baird Archbald, who had never caught a ten pound trophy bass up until this trip, caught six largemouth over 10 lbs., one of them being a 13, two that were over 11, four over 10, also managed four over 9 and four bass over 8 pounds. Denis Bootenhoff, who won the big fish pot for his group, caught one bass that weighed 13.5 pounds, one over 11, one over 10, three over 9, three over 8 and four largemouth bass over 7. Luke Wilkerson weighed in a 12.5, one over 11, two over 9 and two over 8. Andy Archbald had 3 fish over 10 Gary Huffstatlar caught four over 8, five over 9 and his big fish was a 10.5. "Mr. Big Bass", Gil Wright, had six over 8, four over 9 and his big fish was a 10.8. Ric Stoner weighed in four bass over 7, two over 8, one over 9 and his big fish was a 10.6. John Stafford weighed five fish over 9 lbs. Larry Beard had three largemouth over 9, while Bill Doll had a 10.5 and two over 9. Scott Sinclair caught a huge 11.14 bass. Shin Tanaka caught a 10.8 and a 9.8. Now for the BIG ones. Darrell Harshaw caught a MONSTER 14.3, 9.5, 7.0 , 6.0 and a total of 105 fish while his brother Gwin caught a 11.1 , 9.0 2 over 7 and 2 over 6 for a total of 111 Right now you have got to work very hard for these bass but you will be rewarded, as you can tell. The lake is low and the water is very stained and the best bite is coming from crank baits and big 1 ounce spinner baits.

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used:
Tackle Used:
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Water Depth:
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Bass on Lake Baccarac - March, 2012
Bass on Lake Baccarac - March, 2012

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