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2011-09-30 23:36:48
Terrace, British Columbia - Freshwater Fishing Report
Skeena River
Noel Gyger

Noel Gyger Current Fishing Report for Monday September 26, 2011

Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Meziadin North

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Skeena River: The whole river and dirty and really not fishable. Kalum River is dumping a whole bunch of mud into the Skeena. Reg: all wild Steelhead everywhere in British Columbia are catch and release. Good chance to catch both Steelhead and Coho (Silver) Salmon on the same day.

Kalum River: Lower end is really high an dirty. Lots of debris suspended in the water so fishing is difficult. Also new trees hanging up in the river everywhere. Theory: Under these conditions the fish cannot tell the difference between debris to your terminal tackle. Upper end is probably dirty also. The lake is dirty. It is going to take quite awhile for this river to clean out.

Lakelse River: The water is dropping and very clean. Coho are coming in now but NOT in huge numbers. This is ''prime-time'' for Coho but the fish just are not there in any good numbers. Pinks are in good numbers and most are spawning everywhere. The Bears and the Birds are having a feast.

Zymoetz (Copper) River: Water is blown out, just too much rain. Lower end is Copper Colour. Facts: Last year we had a record run of Steelhead, lets hope at least we have another good run this year.

Morice River: The Morice is still in excellent shape and it is dropping. Again, some Steelheads are being caught on the Morice. Fishing is not very consistent. Good for a day or two than very poor.... Fishing should improve as water levels drop....

Bulkley River: The Bulkley above the Telkwa is still in good shape. Below the Telkwa visibility is 1-2 feet.... Lots of rain in the mountains..... Beware of a big grizzly bear between Telkwa and Smithers close to the ''dump''.

Kispiox River: The Kispiox is high again.... If the weather gods cooperate it should be fishing great in a day or two again.... Fishing was so good over the last few days.... Big fish.

Babine River: Babine is dropping bit by bit. Cohos and Steelhead are being caught.

Babine Lake: Babine Lake is still producing lots of fish. The limit has been increased to 4 fish on the lake.

Noel Gyger

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Noel Gyger Current Fishing Report for Monday September 26, 2011 Skeena River Coho (Silver) Salmon
Noel Gyger Current Fishing Report for Monday September 26, 2011 Skeena River Coho (Silver) Salmon

Noel Gyger

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Bio: My fishing and guiding history I was born in Smithers, B.C. Canada on December 25, 1946. I grew up there and fished the whole northwest area with my Grandpa, Percival (Percy) Benjamin Emerson. He loved to fly fish. His favorite Trout fly was the Royal Coachman. He built a cabin on Babine Lake where I spent most of my summer school holidays fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Thanks to him, I am hooked on “Sportfishing” and I’ve come to love every aspect of it. My lifetime goals are to save the wild Salmon, Steelhead and Trout of the entire northwest area of British Columbia and establish a “Quality” sport fishing guiding industry. These are lofty goals but I will strive every day to achieve them. They are “my life long calling”. I have been married for 39 years and have three daughters and seven grandchildren. I am the owner of Noel Gyger - Weekly Fishing Report and Guided Fishing Adventures of 4012 Best Street, Terrace, BC Canada V8G 5R8 Tel/Fax (250) 635-2568 Cell (250) 631-2678 E-mail Website I started fishing the Terrace area in the 1970’s. On May 24, 1983 I assisted my friend to land an 83-pound Chinook on the Kalum River. It was the river record. That experience changed my life and I started into the fish guiding industry and began exploring and fishing rivers by jet boat. I pioneered drift boats on the Kalum and Kitimat Rivers and taught many folks how to row them. I’ve owned a fishing lodge and guide business (Northwest Fishing Guides & Lodge) along with my wife from 1986 to 2001 when we sold it and retired but my love for the industry is just too great and after five years - I am back.

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