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June is the incredible month that people enjoying coming to Nuevo Vallarta and all the fishermen that love to fish here. Not only we have some of the friendliest people, romantic beaches, fun nightlife, and incredible restaurants Puerto Vallarta boasts one of the top places to fish in June. This year has been no exception. Fishing in Nuevo Vallarta can't beat this month.


Why is it so nice in Vallarta in June? Fantastic fishing and some of the nicest people in the world to mingle with.  The inshore fishing has been in high gear with all kinds of pelagic fish being caught.  Some of the good-eating fish are California Bonita, Spanish mackerel, tuna, and the tough fighting mahi-mahi.

The fishing techniques have ranged from slow live bait troll to deep diving ralpalas, jigging, and cut bait. All three have kept the rods bent. It has just depended on what the fish were looking for on a given day. 

The water temperatures have been all the place. Up and down with most places holding around 78 degrees in the bay. Overall the Nuevo Vallarta fishing has been fantastic.  Most of our trips have been from four to six hrs. The most popular boat has been the 28 ft. super panga and the 40 ft. offshore boats.

Offshore fishing has been like a baseball game. A lot of home runs hit over the first week of June. We saw some god fishing in May but this is just off the charts fishing here in Nuevo Vallarta.   The major difference is the water temperature is moving up little by little and some refreshing light rains. Each week we get closer to summer fishing conditions.  Then the fishing turns on and just doesn't stop. Everyone enjoys the nonstop action. From inshore to offshore the fishing will be hot.

It's nice to know you will be seeing hook up all day long while enjoying the perfect Nuevo Vallarta weather.  What's wrong with landing huge fish and sucking down a cold Corona beer is this 80-degree weather with sunny skies.  NOTHING

It's all good when fishing in Nuevo Vallarta during the summer months.

So if you are looking for a sailfish, roosterfish, Mahi Mahi, tuna, and marlin come to Nuevo Vallarta.  We have just what you need to get your summer rolling.

Hope to see you soon here in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico


Capt. Pete and crews

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi mahi
Bait Used: mullet,lures and goggle eye
Tackle Used: Aver 2 speed and gold Penn
Method Used: trolling,kite,jigging,pitch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 78 deg.
Wind Direction: nnw
Wind Speed: west light

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Pete Vines

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