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We're Still Here! by David Wilson (12/03/2006)
There hasn't been much going on since Thursday, a couple boats went tuna fishing and did well, and there were a handful of macks caught. I took a trip south on Thursday, to pick up a new set of outriggers, and it has been blowing ever since.
Beautiful Sunrise and Great Tuna Fishing by David Wilson (11/29/2006)
We got an early start this morning, after the kings again, but they went on vacation today. We fished all morning for 11 fish, and we were lucky. The boats offshore had great tuna fishing again today. I wish you were here.
Commercial Kingfishing Outer Banks by David Wilson (11/28/2006)
This time of year we commercial fish when we don't have a charter. We normally target king mackerel, and today we had fairly good fishing.
Rather Rugged by David Wilson (11/25/2006)
I gave my group the option this morning, and they wanted to go, so away we went. It was as rough as I expected, but the fishing was good.
Get R Done by David Wilson (11/20/2006)
We knew the wind was gonna breeze up on us at some point, so we left, hopefull that the fishing would be as good as yesterday. It was.
Hammer Time by David Wilson (11/19/2006)
Today was nicer than yesterday, and the tuna fishing was off the hook. They were calling for north winds at 10-15 for today. Well, it wasn't quite that nice, but after yesterday, it was plenty good. We got bites right after we set the lines out this morning, and it was pretty steady till we got our limit of three per person (24), for the day.
Outer Banks Nags Head Fishing by Raymond Pugh (10/09/2006)
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Great Outer Banks Near Shore Fishing by Raymond Pugh (7/28/2006)
The sound fishing has been OK somedays, but not as good as last year. The usual Croakers, Spot, Bluefish, and other bottom dwellers are still around.
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