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Spring is almost here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico but the fishing is already as hot as it gets.

The inshore fishing is producing jack crevalles, bonitas, snapper, roosterfish along with other

Game fish. Most days have had flat seas with a water temp holding around 74 deg. The water color has

Held blue to slightly off color. Depending on the boat these trips are easily done in 4 to 6 hr trips. In side the bay the whales have been every where. We are seeing the humpbacks every trip. This is the time of the year the orcas show up looking for their share of the calves to be had. There is so much out there to see most

Folks can't believe it. Dolphins, sea turtles and huge manta rays also.

The offshore fishing is hot hot hot. This year the big tunas decided to stay here instead of going to warmer

Waters. One of the best places has been El Banco which is 50 miles from the port or Puerto Vallarta Mexico. The second best place has been Corbetena. The huge pargos are showing up in good numbers and will get better as the water warms up. The mahi mahi or dorados as we call them are fantastic and being caught on every offshore trip. Close to el banco and corbetena the large Bonita are showing up and the blue marlin are just behind them. There have already been several caught and it's only February. When March rolls around , look out as the blues will be here with the stripped marlin. Both in good numbers.

Best trips at this report are 6 to 8 hr for huge roosterfish and maybe a sail-dorados just outside the bay.

Best offshore trip is corbetena 10 to 12 for dorados and huge tunas ranging from 20 to 200 lbs.

The weather is perfect and fishing is hot. So come on down and enjoy the superb fishing here in Puerto Vallarta.

Capt Pete

Dos Amigos 40 ft

Questions toll free 1 877 301 2058

Local off 22 10920

Cel 322 29 46240

Fish Species: mahi mahi, tuna, sailfish,marlin
Bait Used: mullet,live bonits,lures
Tackle Used: gold penn
Method Used: trolling,kite,jigging,pitch baits
Water Depth: n/a
Water Temperature: 74
Wind Direction: n,nw
Wind Speed: na
tuna fishing puerto vallarta
tuna fishing puerto vallarta

puerto vallarta mahi mahi
puerto vallarta mahi mahi

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