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The August fishing report here in Puerto Vallarta starts off with some great news. We've already seen record high water temperatures around 90 degrees and pictures of all different kinds of pelagic fish in Mexico. When the water temperature gets past 80 degrees is when you start seeing a big fish move into our offshore Waters. What can you expect to catch in Puerto Vallarta this summer?  The offshore fishing is prime this time of the year we're sailfish, Marlon, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna. The real question is where do you have to go to catch them and how much will it cost?. We're here to help people with their fishing, snorkeling, and all other water activities here in Puerto Vallarta. I always like to find out when folks are coming down and how many will be in their group for fishing. When we know when you will be here we can check the tides and moon phase try to get you out there at one of the optimum times to catch a fish. With this information you provide about your family or groups, I will be able to put you on the correct size boat whatever your fishing needs may be here in Puerto Vallarta. This can be done simply with a quick email or call our toll-free number. You're coming down with your family or friends want to get in some Bay fishing we got you covered here in Puerto Vallarta. When we save fishing we used to refer to our four and six-hour trips. We are located here in the Bay of Banderas which is also known here in the Pacific and is one of the largest bays in the world what's an abundance of fish either ensure or offshore. Be sure and take a look to get our Facebook page to see what we've been catching before you come down and please call me if you have any questions about fishing here. I've designed a question of Interest page where the professionals and amateurs can take a look and find out all the information about fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. Remember no question that you are silly and we're more than happy to answer any questions that you might have via email or our toll-free number. We offer several different kinds of boats or 28-foot SuperPawn row is one of the most requested Bay boats for smaller groups. The super ponga as a maximum of four people can get you out here for a really fun day. We also have a midsize 32-foot sportfisher which can accommodate four to six people here in the bay with six people being the max. This is a fantastic fishing boat with a cabin and Salon and very comfortable with the fissionable. If you're looking to get offshore we have 40 and 50 Pro deep-sea fishing spinning on your group sign. These sorts of Fantastic Four action fishing in Kimberlin have many more lines than a super panga or a mid-sized sportfisher which greatly increases your chances of hooking up on that dream fish you've been trying to catch. If you have any special occasions a birthday or a bucket fish he's been wanting to catch please let us know and we'll do our very best to make sure you catch the fish of your dreams here and in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. With our deep sea fishing charters and Bay Carter's it's reservation only yes we have many issues fine. It's always best to check with us before coming down to make sure we have availability. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there on the water.

Tight lines

Captain Pete and crews

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jiggingd,pictch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 88 deg
Wind Direction: n/a
Wind Speed: 7 knots

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Pete Vines

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