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Not many places in the world that can compare to the fishing mecca that is Puerto Vallarta in the summertime. In August you can expect to be catching good numbers of Mah-Mahi, yellowtail, fast-feeding sailfish, and even some tuna here in our world-class bay. This fishing honey hole we call Bay of flags.


We will have all kinds of fishing going on in our bay for the month of August. First and for most seasoned Captains will be live baiting all over the bay. Live baiting can produce all kinds of pelagic fish along with some good-eating fish. If you are fishing here in the summertime be ready to try your hand at live baiting—a very successful method for landing the fish of your dreams or just catching some good eating table fare.  Mahi-mahi-tuna,snapper and yellowtail are but a few of them.


Our fishing hot spot is Located on a stunning 85-mile-long coastal strip on the bay of flags which leads into the Pacific ocean. This leads us to some of the best offshore fishing in the world. If you are lucky to be here in the summertime, especially in August you are in for a special treat some fantastic fishing. Puerto Vallarta is a place that seems perfectly suited for an angling adventure of all kinds. From bay fishing to offshore of multi-days.  We have it all.


Looking for that huge marlin ?? Maybe a big black marlin or even blue marlin. Well, we have both during the month of August. The water temperatures are high but so are the expectations of our offshore fishing trips. when the water moves in so do the big fish. Hang a 10 lb bonita out there on your line and see what happens. 

Want to try and catch some of our legendary mahi-mahi, roosterfish, sailfish, and epic tuna fishing? The warm waters and abundance of bait turn Puerto Vallarta fishing into a fishing adventure during the month of August.


What's the best way to land these dream fish here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico? The most common way is trolling with up to 10 lines and some teasers which bring up the huge fish from the deep waters around Puerto Vallarta bay. We may live bait during the day when the fish are schooling in a specific part of the bay. Live bait seems to work well when the fish have lock jaw. Nothing like live bait to start the day of fishing. When around the reefs here in Puerto Vallarta, offshore casting is a favorite method of fishing and can be done by everyone. Don't know which technique to try just ask one of our expert Captains.


What to know how much it costs to go out on one of our deep sea fishing boats? We just take a look at our new rates right here for the summertime. Fishing rates for August fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

With just a few questions I can suggest the perfect trip whether it be for family fishing or hardcore looking for marlin and tuna. We offer bay fishing with our 28 ft super panga or one of our 40 ft deep sea fishing boats.We are ready and able t take 2 fisher people up to 200 folks on the same day.


Look at our fantastic reviews and feel free to ask any questions before coming down to beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico where the friendliest people live.


Please call for more info toll-free at 800 430 6048 or sea more at


Tight lines


Capt. Pete and crew

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jiggingd,pictch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 82 deg
Wind Direction: n/a
Wind Speed: 7 knots

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Pete Vines

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