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Everyone loves to be in Puerto Vallarta for the month of December including most anglers. Some of the obvious reasons are perfect weather, sunny skies, fantastic lodging, nightlife, and incredible fishing. Deep-sea fishing in the winter here is a Lot like Christmas, ya never know what you are going to catch. The following species of pelagic fish will be had inshore and offshore. Try your hand at fishing for marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, and mahi-mahi.  With the warm waters coming and going it keeps us guessing as to what the bite will be tomorrow. The one constant thing we can count on is good fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The sailfish, tuna, and marlin love the semi-warm water that we have all winter long. When most of the United States and Canada are putting their boat in storage we are in full fishing mode here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.  With the warm waters and abundance of bait you just never know what you can catch here. We have all kinds of fish, but the constant changing of water temperatures and currents keeps us on toes or should I say our boats.

If you are looking for marlin fishing in the winter we have right here for some offshore fishing. The best fishing plan will be for 8 hours to 10 hrs or even 12 hours depending on where the blue water is and the bait movement. If you follow our fishing reports I write about always following the bait and you will find the fish. This huge marlin loves the warmer water but will not starve itself to death.  We all have to eat and so do the marlin. Hence we have to follow the baits and the other fishing conditions that are tale-tale signs the fish will be biting in our area.  If the conditions change so do we. Follow the fish to success.

The sailfish swim in temperatures that can range from 75 to 80 degrees water but with some exceptions.  We see these fish in the summer when the water temp is above 80 degrees.  That is what makes the winter fishing in Puerto Vallarta so nice is the perfect water temperatures.  With all kinds of bait like mullet, sardine, and goggle-eye,bonitas, chorras there’s nothing holding us back here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. If you want excitement try fishing with 5 to 10 lbs baits for our blue and black marlin.

The mahi-mahi aka dorados loves the water temp from 68 degrees to 82 deg.  We have that water temps most of year-round.  The best water temperatures are in the winter months here in Puerto Vallarta bay fishing. To catch these fish be sure and know where the water temp breaks are in the bay. We use Terrifin and this will put us in the fish zone most days. The mahi-mahi fantastic fighters are just like us and love the warm water and will be here most of the year especially in the winter. Come down and give mahi-mahi fishing a chance inshore or offshore.  The best bet is a charter of 8 hours for some thrilling action and an incredible table fare. There are some of the best-tasting fish anywhere.

The bay fishing holds very steadily for the winter months. We have the Spanish mackerel,skip-jack tuna, yellowtail, and snapper that keeps our clients happy even on short trips of for to six hours.  Most days we can load the boat up with some good eating fish along with some fabulous fishing. Be sure and check availability before coming down. Christmas is right around the corner and we will be booked up before ya know. A quick email or phone call can have you on one of our boats in the tropical weather hauling in a big fish while landing the fish of your dreams. We are only a phone call away from exceeding your expectations

Look forward to seeing everyone on the water here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Merry Fishmas

Capt, Pete and crews

Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jiggingd,pictch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 82 deg
Wind Direction: na
Wind Speed: 7 knots

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Pete Vines

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