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Happy New Year from Puerto Vallarta fishing report for our January action. Want to see what we have been catching and what the fishing report for 2023 looks like in Mexico then keep on reading here. We had an incredible Christmas with mahi-mahi action, sailfish,yellowtail ,spanish mackerel, roosterfish, and some snapper. Do you want to know where and how we were catching the pelagic fish? Look no farther as we have you covered here.

The winter fishing here in Puerto Vallarta has had some smoking hot days of fishing with cool morning to start with. The weather in the winter here is something to die for. The mornnigs are 65 degreees and warm up to 78 degrees.   This makes for perfect conditions for fishing.  The Pacifico ocean does cool down some here in the winter months like January.  The locals and Captain refer to this as cold water but the temperature is always around 78 to 65 degrees.I know most folks up north have already winterized their boats and stored their fishing hear away for the season.  Here in Puerto Vallarta, we are just getting started. 


With the cooling of the water some of the pelagic fish move from fishing place to fishing place or offshore farther.  The big blue and black marlin like the water to be a tad bit warmer so move offshore to different areas. This does not mean we won't catch them it’s just less of them around to catch.  The sailfish, mahi-mahi, tuna, and yellowtail will be here for some rod-bending action offshore.  The amberjack will move in about the time the roosterfish show up this month. We are already seeing some of these fish show up in good numbers.  Nothing like catching an amberjack or roosterfish on a big 5 lbs bonita. The roosterfish and amberjack like the reef areas and can’t stay away from the live bait we use to land these big fish.  One of the tricks we use for roosterfish is a large Spanish mackerel as a teaser. This brings them up to our live bait. 


In the month of January, we have schools and schools of sardines showing up all over the bay and offshore this help our inshore and offshore fishing tremendously.  There are days when we find and fish around the huge bait balls catching fish until it feels like your arm is going to fall off.  When the bait is around the fish start feeding you can catch them on just about anything.  The next few months we remain the same with more and more bait coming into our bay.  The offshore fishing is a little different and we usually toll for the striped marlin that loves the cooler water temperatures


We trolling offshore we always like a couple of live baits ready.  We call the bait google eye.  Many times during the trip we will see a dorado, sailfish or striped marlin fining on the surface.  This is when they are most active and feed during the tide changes. If we see them finning they will 90 % of the time hit the live bait on our 2 speed avet spinning gear loaded with 150 yards of mono line backed with 400 yards of spectra line. You will see when these marlins get hooked.  They can make a run of several hundred yards in just a few seconds.  So when you out there on one of our inshore or offshore trips keep an eye out for that fin in the water. This could turn and a good day into an extra ordinally day. 


The inshore fishing for the month of January will be good for the troll, jigging, fish and of course, live baiting. We watch the conditions daily for temperature changes, water clarity, and bait movement.  I always tell our clients if they find the bait you will find the fish.

The fast-feeding yellowtail, good-eating Spanish mackerel, California bonitas, and snapper will be here for the taking of those who venture out on one of our 6 hrs trips here in the bay.  If you are looking for a fun trip fishing in the bay and wat to catch a lot of fish this is the trip for you.

There is a big bonus coming to Puerto Vallarta in the winter months.  Not only do we have fantisic fishing, perfect weather, beautiful beaches, incredible restaurants we aslo have the humpback whales show up. Imagine hooking up a huge fish and then looking over and seeing a 20 ton 40 fo0t long whale right beside your boat. Can’t believe it?? Happens almost every day. So please come down and enjoy this winter wonderland we call home 

Puerto Vallarta where the friendliest  people in the world live


Merry Fishmas and Happy New yearCapt. Pete and crew


Fish Species: sailfish,marlin,mahi-mahi,tuna
Bait Used: mullet,goggle eye,lures
Tackle Used: avet and gold penn stand up
Method Used: trolloing,kite,jigging,pitch baits
Water Depth: 300 plus
Water Temperature: 76
Wind Direction: n/a
Wind Speed: 7 knots

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