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Puerto Vallarta fishing June report. We have so many good things happening here in Puerto Vallarta for June like the beginning of Summer which is coming up real soon, Father's Day here in a couple of more days, and the great fishing that the summer action has to offer here throughout the summer. And when I say great action I mean great action.  This is what is happening in Puerto Vallarta now for deep sea fishing.

The Puerto Vallarta summer fishing means big marlin, yellowtails, mahi-mahi and sailfish action. This is also the beginning of our light to Gentle rains in the evening. There's always seems to be a large bit of confusion when people come down to fish here beautiful Puerto Vallarta about the rainy season. Here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in the summer it rains almost everyday but late in the evening so the days are full of sun and blue skies along with the fishing that  are on the bite. You can look at The Weather Channel and it's going to say  rain rain rain. Because 98% of the days are going to be sunny and blue skies with the fish ready to tear up the water. We do like the rains because it actually increases the odds of the big game fishing here in Puerto Vallarta and lots of our other small game fishing here in Mexico.

June it's one of the best months to come down here and hunt for some of the big fish offshore. I'm talkin 300 to 500 lb Marlin or even bigger are here for the taking. Imagine hooking into a 500-pound monster for a 4 out for our battle using a 10lb bait with a 80 gold pin Reel with a mile a line on it. If that won't get your heart pumping then nothing will. Besides having the really big game Fish here we have lots of sailfish, mahi-mahi ,tuna and roosterfish.

So if you're looking to come down for a fun time fishing this June snorkeling, sightseeing or a little combination of all the above with the beach stop somewhere along the beautiful Costa Puerto Vallarta we've got you covered here at Puerto Vallarta fishing charters. I also have a toll-free number one 804-306-0484 a current fishing report seven days a week. If  you're coming down last minute then you can give me a call toll-free or shoot me a quick email at and I'll be able to get you the latest information. Remember we have three main types of boats are 28 foot super pongas, midsize 32 Sports Fishers and our 40 to 50 foot super sport Fishers for those that want to get offshore and get into some good action.

Come down and fish with the pros and see the difference here in Puerto Vallarta fishing for June.

Captain Pete and Crews


Fish Species: marlin, sailfish,mahi-mahi
Bait Used: mullet, lures,live bait
Tackle Used: avet 2 speed
Method Used: trolling,jigging,live bait,kite
Water Depth: 350 ft.
Water Temperature: 78 deg
Wind Direction: west
Wind Speed: 8 knots

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